Civilians who are interested and talk about the VAT status or jaffa cakes or colouring in books

are a little tiresome!

u ok hun?

It’s been an exhausting week, Epstein. Just finished our final interviews though.

the VAT status of colouring in books or just colouring in books in general?

VAT status only, my friend.

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Adult Colouring in books?


Not VATable because they are cakes, not biscuits

↑ Here’s one


Heya mate fun fact for you, me and 1 other person have polished off five (5) packets of jaffa cakes since Monday night.

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Enough to fill a vat

How much tax do you reckon he paid on his jaffa cake treat?

Really chuffed for the pair of you.

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What do you think about those people who make massive versions of things like jaffa cakes?



Pointless twats. Unless you have done it and then I am all for it!

One of them was made as an exhibit in the European court case when it was proved than they are cakes not biscuits and therefore should not be subject to 20% VAT

You’re very kind (but I have not done it)

I have a mate who works in a VAT office and loves Jaffa cakes.

What do I win?