Civilization with a zed



yeah that’s what I was thinking of


Bribing me to stop destroying The Zulus - that’s a new one.


Fuck you, Casimir!


I think we need to see what the general DiS view is. Would you rather play:

  • Civilization V
  • Civilization VI

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I’m unable to make an informed choice unfortunately. May get the Switch version in the not too distant future though.


I think I’m done with Civ VI, unless and until I read that there’s been a game-changing expansion that’s made it brilliant.



never got on with 5 or 6 - When 5 came out I had a rubbish pc, so it ran like a dog. When 6 came out I had a child, and apparently parenting is more important.


IV is indeed brilliant, but so is V with the expansions and I’d probably rather play V over IV these days.


I haven’t actually played IV for ages. Maybe I should.


Only seen a mate dabble in VI but was massively put off by the art style and some of the gameplay mechanics. Didn’t see anything that was an improvement over V.


Turns seemed to take forever in 5 and 6, but you could skip through the other activity in 4 pretty quickly.


Surely someone will pay you GPT for your spare truffles?


Very excited to see the Maori as a playable Civ in the next expansion pack.


Anyone else getting CIV VI banner ads?


Pretty cool to have them starting at sea too. Adds to my feeling that VI is the best one so far for providing unique experiences as different leaders.


I was looking at my Steam achievements on Civ V the other day and saw that, despite the hundreds of hours I’ve logged, I have yet to win with quite a few different leaders (probably as a result of almost always going random and/or getting bored half way through a game).

My Civ V new year’s resolution is therefore to win a game with each of those leaders. I’m on the verge of either a diplomatic or domination victory (small map, six AI civs, King, epic) with Washington. Just down to Isabella and me now and Madrid is close enough to my border and the coast to take pretty easily, but a UN diplo victory vote (which I will win) is only 11 turns away.


Yeah I started going on a methodical achievement hunt. The most straightforward way is as you say to do all the leaders, whilst also paying attention to the fact that most of them have a unique achievement themselves, which may end up being impossible.

What dissuades me a bit though is the vast number they put in relating to add-in packs. If anything it brings home that you don’t need those because you haven’t exhausted the base game really.


Also guessing you can probably tick off multiple achievements by playing on saved game to several different victories, but that strikes me as nefarious.


I think Civ VI is finally clicking with me, people! Rise & Fall definitely helps. The new things the expansion has introduced make it a better game than the original release for sure.