Civilization with a zed



Just in time for another heftily priced add-on pack to come out. Not sure how I feel about the climate change version, but I’m pretty sure I’m not paying £35 for it.


let me guess, the Brexitism civilization was a roaring success?


Religion is sooooo different in Civ VI compared to Civ V. Requires constant spamming of religious units from cities with Holy Sites.


Absolutely hate the religion in civ V, I just let folks spread their religion to me if they want.


Yeah the natural spread is almost invisible. What I found most effective is to have an army of absolutely rock hard apostles and send them all over the place schooling poor innocent missionaries for influence.

Also works if you’re not pursuing a religious victory. Just get one Debater apostle and send him out to terrorise any foreign religious unit that passes through your territory.


They won and I got over it.


I am tending to use Debater promoted Aps as home religious defence, but I see the merit in having them where you’re trying to spread.