Cj off of eggheads arrested for murder

‘Off of’



One of the Eggheads is in my local pub a lot,. Dave I think he is

he;s a loud twat

He went to a Countdown tournament once, years ago, and was meant to go to another in 2011 but had a diva tantrum on the day and didn’t bother. Lost his only game on the actual show because he tried to spell BUCKET when the selection didn’t have those letters in it.

His Tumblr has some great pics of him in tighty whities though.

CJ de Murderer*


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CJ de Mooirdernaar

More details soon …

When? Get on with it!

You’re telling me bro!

I got an email saying having you seen this from a mate I haven’t spoken to since June. That’s how big this is.

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June wasn’t that long ago

I thought it was last November and then remembered I saw him in June (Guildford Beer Festival) and then thought I couldn’t lie to you, even to make a better post.


Which is the one on eggheads who looks a bit like Garden Master NORG from off of Final Fantasy VIII? As far as I know, I’m the only person ever to have made this comparison but, when I did, my friend shat himself with laughs of recognition

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Last time I offer the olive branch @anon5266188

they all do that though. maybe theyre all murderers

instead of ‘eggheads’ they should call it…um… ‘murderers’.

A lot of you true-crime fucks would probably watch it then.



Sorry, was out for lunch. Your explanation was greatly appreciated and I found it quite touching, thanks.

Hope you had a great lunch!

Thanks, man!

According to The Guardian:

De Mooi, whose real name is Joseph Connaugh, asked to be addressed by his stage name, which means “beautiful” in Dutch.


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Murdered the fun out of Eggheads.

Am I right, lads?