Cl final 2017


Exposing the fine, cultured people of Madrid and Turin to the finest city on earth (for a brief moment presumably before they get a connection from London to Cardiff)

Everyone must want Juve to win right?


my dad’s in Cardiff today picking up my sister’s stuff and he called me to describe the junction signs on the motorway directing fans one way or the other.



and yes, a win for Real would mean the end of football.



Such a shame he’ll never (probably) see the beauty of Junction 37 <3


love how partizan the Spanish press is sometimes


Ooooh sexo


could’ve been that junction, but I spent the call split between not really listening and berating him for being a boring old fucker.


can’t believe i’m hoping Real win but there we go, betting needs are betting needs


in 90 mins your prediction

  • 0-0
  • score draw
  • Real
  • Juve

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to lift trophy your prediction

  • Real
  • Juve

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to lift trophy what you want

  • Real
  • Juve

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Really fancy Juve to do it, but Madrid keep proving me wrong. Very exciting final anyway

1-0 or 2-1 w/ Dybala to score


cant muster any excitement for this


Shit pressed wrong button. Noone wants real to win except wrong uns and Tories.


Find it absolutely unbelievable that Madrid haven’t won a double in the last 60 years. More European cups and league titles than anyone else in that period, but never once been the best side in Europe.


If only there was a competition to determine who the best team in Europe is…



Buffon :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


also, this is gonna come across as really arseholey, but they won the league/european cup double 59 years ago.


you reckon you need to win the double to be the best side in Europe?

you need to win your league and put in a strong showing in the CL but not necessarily to win it


Probably yeah. But to make it emphatic - like Bayern, Barca, Man Utd in recent years - both is essential.

And nobody who’s ever won the European Cup and not won the league title (Liverpool, Chelsea, many of the Madrid teams) can claim to be the best.