Claims to fame


Or things that happened when you were there

  1. Dave Chapelle followed me on my old Twitter account around 2009/2010! I was a big fan at the time and he was barely following anyone

  2. I was there when they filmed the (best) episode of never mind the buzzcocks when Adam Buxton was presenting and was reading out those yt comments about aliens or sutin

now u


Probably this tbf


sorry I don’t think I have much to add but I would just like to say that I love Adam Buxton!


who is that Ronan Keating?




done a song with Charlie Simpson. Still feels weird that that happened and I’m not a millionaire. Tbf i don’t think he is either. But that’s the famiest I can get.

OH we got the bloke from breaking bad in our music video too. that was quite good.


my guitar solo in my old band was on a Mexican advert for Skype.


El Skype*


Scott Mills went to my school, Craig David dated my mate’s sister


actually it was more like a “lead riff” don’t want to be disingenuous


tbf actually also Jamie Lenman, who while not Charlie Simpson famous is still pretty well loved in Kerrangworld.

Seriously I should be rich fuck this


also this actor liked one of my wikipaint drawings


guess I’m doing better than I thought, thanks for this thread JB :slight_smile:


i have a real secret obsession with actors who never ‘made it big’ but have quietly been in fucking hundreds of things


no idea who he is but I was well excited when I saw he had an IMDB page


who is Jamie Lenman? Feel like I’ve heard that name before



ah, I knew someone in sixth form who was well into them and a band called yourcodenameis:milo or something. He would have been stoked for you I’m srue


ycnim!! fuckkkkk. i forgot about them!


don’t know who they were but from the name I’m going to guess some kind of emo punk band something like between blink 182 and hell is for heroes