👏 🎉 Carabao! Football Thread

Festive football is over, kids, so it’s time for the magic of the Cup.

Liverpool derby kicks things off on the box tonight, whilst in the other game, the red hot favourites easily overcome plucky underdogs Manchester United. Discuss these and other fixtures and things below.

I’ll say it. I don’t really care for the FA Cup.


I don’t really care for @Ruffers

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:open_mouth: what a thing to say!

Please don’t say it again.

Ross Barkley to Chelsea for £15m then.

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I like football AND I like the FA cup


Seems very much worth a punt at that price imo


You other brothers can’t deny

Aye, very much so, not entirely sure where he fits in mind you.


english bench quota


My mob, Bolton, are playing Huddersfield at the Macron. Should be a tight game Now that Bolton have strung a few results together.

Plays in similar areas to hazard I guess.

this and should nicely stop them bringing through some of their own talented youngsters as well :confused:

I don’t think I need to, I trust you will remember.

5 Ross Barkleys = 1 VVD


Just spent a couple of minutes trying to work out who WD would be, then it clicked!


  • Carroll
  • Lingard
  • Rooney
  • The septum that couldn’t slow down

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They’ve got Loftus-Cheek so I’m not sure why they really need him. But if that means we can keep Loftus-Cheek for longer thats fine by me.

First visit to Old Trafford for 15 years later. Last time I was there I saw Beckham, Giggs, Scholes, Van Nizzleroy, Keane et al beat Soton 6-1 (Pahars scored and Strachan was manager)

What do I realistically expect today? If we have a decent go and score at least once.