👏 🎉 Carabao! Football Thread

I’d missed him getting sacked by Leeds for that - only found out about it by reading that article.

Nefarious individuals, the pair of them.

This is fucking horrific. Absolute cunts. It’s difficult to even read; I can’t even begin to comprehend how it felt, and still feels, for the players involved. I remember Rix going to prison and being immediately reinstated by Chelsea when he got out. Even as a kid (think I was 9 at the time) I couldn’t really understand that. I don’t have much faith in the FA based on previous inaction but I really hope this time there are some serious ramifications.

Would wear both of those hoodies

As bad decisions go, that kicks it out of the park.

Rix is an absolute cunt. Sorry I don’t like using that word, but he is.

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I’m not surprised that Bates was at the top during the majority of this.

Can’t stand that guy.


Jesus due back in a fortnight after a completely above board operation in Barcelona

*it begins to look like United might really HIJACK Sanchez.

apparentrly we are signing that Axel Tuanzebe on loan

not arsed

Will he play regularly?

Think he looks really promising. As good as TFM who is doing well at Palace - better game intelligence too

Oliver Kay seems worked up enough about it

Sheffield derby in the league tonight innit… new thread?

Armed police at the game. Fucking weird and worrying development.

seriously? Geez-oh, my mate is on his way down from Glasgow for it, apparently there was a fire at Nottingham trains station which disrupted everything but it looks like it’s gonna be alright

it is fucking WILD that it’s on a Friday night tbh, police must of okay’ed it on these grounds?!

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Seems to be an increasing lack of caring about that tbh which is odd, been a fair few evening games between rivals recently.


Here you go.

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