Clapping with gloves on

Why bother?


Clapping is inherently ridiculous isn’t it.


Yeah, it’s really silly, I like to think about how silly it is sometimes.



Think it’s just come about as a civilized form of banging things in approval (tables, items, anything really - which is very instinctual and satisfying)


Would love to be the guy who thinks of a viable replacement and gets filthy rich from the naming rights.

“Yeah, I nailed that presentation, everyone Steved”

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Ever slap a knee? (your own)

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After seminars in Germany they knock on the tables, I wasn’t informed of this so did clapping afterwards (the first time) and got many weird looks

Given that the only people you ever hear about banging the table in approval are the 1922 Committee, I think “civilized” is appropriate here.

Also Germans that I work with.

All the time, can’t really help it. Especially if you’re all sat around a small table as is the case in most pubs.

Do you think you would be good in the stage show “Stomp!”?

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In the heads of whoever invented it yeah, but they probably thought hanging people for witchcraft was civilized too

I’m not above a half-hearted and mostly inaudible pat of my thigh when everyone else is clapping but I’m holding a drink.

What about if you’re holding something else?

I thought it was jazz-hands you youngsters did these days?

Think the Daily Mail made that up for clicks.

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Depends how big it is. If it’s a wardrobe or something then I probably wouldn’t bother.

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