Clapping with gloves on

“Steve mate, can you just hold this wardrobe while I perform an absolutely beautiful rendition of your all-time favourite song which will somehow shine new light on all the aspects you were so familiar with but in a way that makes you love it even more”

You’re not gonna clap in that scenario once the performance has finished?

Might bang a table instead

Whilst holding a wardrobe? What are you, Geoff Capes or something?

Probably not, no. Might Steve a bit though.

It hurts less though


Love referencing Geoff Capes. He’s probably one of my all-time favourite people to reference.

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What sort of bag?

I like to click my fingers, like the cats in 120 bpm.

when I’m at a gig and I have a pint my applause consists of me clapping my hand against my upper thigh/leg. it’s difficult to say for certain but I’m pretty sure this makes very very little sound.

edit : basically what @steved said


I understood the first (former) part of this sentence but not the second (latter) part

I clap the glass so gently it probably actively removes sound

oooh never considered that

I enjoy claps in songs

thank you for your time,

What about if you’re at Stomp! (and Ruffers (who we now know is Geoff Capes)) is performing and you’re holding a wardrobe instead of a drink?

maybe I’d open and slam the door of the wardrobe, that would be very effective.


You’re a solutions man. I love that about you.

My gig-pint-clapping protocol is to slap the back of my neck. Not sure when I started it and I’ve got some strange looks for it but I’m a committed neck slapper now. I guess it helps that I have a big stupid neck and no hair.


In the (excellent) film, 120BPM, the characters click their fingers to show appreciation for a point made in a debate, rather than clap.

If you’ve not seen it, I’d recommend it very strongly.

I understand, and the cats thing? Just a bit of lingual flair I guess?