…Has a new album Death Peak out on 7th April. Title track is streaming now!

Sorry Album is Death Peak
Track is called Peak Magnetic.
Awesome tune.

LOVED his last album, so very excited for this one!


Clark’s really screwed up this time.

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Got tickets to see him in April so was anxiously awaiting new material. Not blown away but I think it’s a decent start. The self-titled album was pretty much a masterpiece.

Didn’t try The Last Panthers, any good?

The Last Panthers is excellent.

going to that April show too, he’s been great live the last few times I’ve seen him, probably one of the only times I’ve ever enjoyed choreographed dancers too

posted about this in the Rolling Dance Music thread but yeah, absolutely love s/t (& Flame Rave), looking forward to this a lot

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This track is a beast!

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I can’t make his show at Electric Brixton on 22nd April anymore. Looking to shift two tickets - I got them at Early Bird prices so it’d be £27.50 for the pair. Any interest?

Pretty gutted, but at least the album is out tomorrow.

Just been playing the new album on the way to work this morning. It’s really good. A really mature sounding album with lots of great ideas and structures. Great stuff!

I’m pleased he’s back to this sort of sound. I’ve only heard it once so far and wasn’t blown away, but i was walking and it was early morning, so not in the best place for it.

I’m still trying to shift these tickets. Happy to do £20 for the pair.

This album is the absolute business.

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Would’ve loved to go to this, but it’s my daughter’s birthday weekend, so no dice…

Clark has soundtracked Rellik on BBC1 Taster? Maybe an album coming??

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Having listened to this ep a few times I have to say it’s bloody brilliant. Well done to Clark.

Well this is very good.

I feel a bit sad now after listening.


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Will give this a listen for sure. Loved the last panthers stuff.