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I’m confused.

Whenever I visit, i.e. the website of Clash Magazine, I get a “for sale” notice that quickly redirects me to some spam pages.

However, when I look at their twitter, it’s as if nothing is wrong and everything is as normal.

Their WHOIS entry states that the domain expired on August 5th 2020, but is this happening for others too?

Also, their link in their Twitter bio says it’s to the “‘Stay Home’ issue” of the magazine, but actually redirects you to a Vietnamese YouTube playlist about Minecraft.


they’re really providing you with some clashing information there

Nope, I’m happily reading about a Havana Club/Skepta collaboration

I looked in th3 replies but nobody has mentioned it which proves that nobody ever clicks the links on twitter

I do get redirected to that Minecraft video though

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I’ve opened up Tor Browser, and it seems that some of the identities I have redirect to the proper website, and some redirect to the “For Sale” version.

Funnily enough, 11 days ago, I received a number of “Forgotten Password” requests for my account there which I didn’t request either.


Keep us updated!

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Do you think that was them replying, or the Vietnamese YouTuber?

  • Clashmusic replied
  • Vietnamese YouTuber replied
  • Hmmmmmmmm!

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Do you think they were hacked and were just hoping no-one would notice?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Possibly
  • Not enough information to tell either way

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Looks like they fucked it with the domain :smiley:

My guess is…

They accidentally let the domain expire.
Someone else bought it.
The new owner set up the ad redirects.
The new owner went to Twitter, found the Twitter email with the “Forgot Password” link, then recreates that email with their new domain, then resets the password and gains access to their Twitter through this.
Clash Magazine found out and ended up having to pay big money to buy back their domain.

The temporary owner could have done that with their other online accounts too.

Eating cache

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Sounds plausible. Does something like Clash have the ‘big money’ to buy back their domain though?

Thinking about it, if they buyer just wanted to link to their Minecraft videos, then maybe they only ended up asking for £10.