Classic memories of Good Fridays gone by

I used to think Good Friday was a day in respect of the Good Friday Agreement.


I think one year we played isketch on good friday


Always had the fear for Good Friday mass as a kid. Went on forever. Had to queue to kiss a plastic cross. Awful business.


Adults reading the passion with no expression for ages. Kneel down, stand up, kneel down, stand up for hours

My sister used to swoosh her hair across the cross to disguise that she wasn’t kissing it. No-one was fooled.

That’s also my memories of child Good Fridays.
Just made my kids come with me last night…don’t know how lucky they are.

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It’s the really scary one where you have to talk about Jesus getting poked about on a stick and fed vinegar on a sponge.

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Gutted that things like haxball and isketch don’t happen anymore cos we’re all on phones

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Can’t believe I used to be just permanently on my laptop. That was my permanent state of being.

it still is my permanent state of being


Might make an isketch or skribbl game later. Wonder if haxball still exists
Not sure if you played it but we recently brought back conquer club and it’s taken over my life

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Haxball does still exist yeah

none come to mind

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*Desktop PC

Never played that, might get into it one day


sometimes get mixed up over whether it was christmas or easter that jesus died:

  • yes, that’s me
  • nope, always remember which is which

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You wouldn’t make a baby carry a cross around town in the spring heat would you?

I mean my bible knowledge is not that great tbf

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Was raised in a firm Jesus-loving household so no.

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I occasionally visit haxball. Actually it seems to be a less aggressive place than I remember. “NOOOOOB. Omfg ban.” Etc.