Classic shabs and/or bants

In my local back home one of the regulars spiked the landlords drink with Viagra so he had to work the night behind the bar with a hard on.

any shabs/bants you care to share?


sometimes i think about that story you told me where the guy kept asking what your sport was, still irks me

Dunno where I mentioned this recently, but someone at work decided to remove precisely one beer mat from every table in the pub. Irk’d me a good’un, but delightfully amusing.

glue a £1 coin on the ground


oh god, what a cock! I mean I get it all the time… cos Im tall I must play basketball right…
but that guy. what tool. yeah I don’t bother with that pub anymore.

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Someone at work has got one of those drinks holders that has the time on to help you know how much water you should be drinking per hour. Keep topping it up every time they leave their desk