Classic Simpsons quotes updated for this wretched modern era


Bart: I’ll have a Mark Reckless with Mike Hookem and Paul Nuttall on the side.
Marge: Bart! We’ve only been here two minutes and I’m already disgusted by your behaviour.
Bart: I was just ordering a UKIPburger, Mom. They have violent names for everyone here.

(something something something the Clash appearing and singing 'We’re a Farage band, we come from Farage land)


great thread!


Absolute state of this


Subscribe me to bonestorm or go to hell!


Lisa needs braces
Lisa needs braces


Is there a word for something that’s the complete opposite of funny? The Germans must have one, at least.


The students are overstimulated. Willie, remove all the colour settings from the interactive whiteboards.

I WARNED YA!! Didn’t I warn ya!? That colour setting was forged by Lucifer himself!!


You don’t win friends with threads like these


I sure wouldn’t want to be Nigel Farage right now


TRUMP! (Bart)


Rascar capac!


Old man yells at cloud storage


If only the far right (sugar) was as sweet as you


I swithered between him and Cutts the Butcher


Tried to call one of my old bands that (Rascar, not cutts). Outvoted :frowning:


Look at Eric actually joining in


haha ‘joining on’


haha he’s edited it but it doesn’t cover the humiliation!



No, Mr. Simpson, that’s sexual harassment. If you keep it up, I’ll yell so loud the whole country will hear
HOMER: With a man in the White house? Not likely! Hahahahahaha