Classic Soul/Funk/Motown thread

The Donny Hathaway Live album is so so good. Back in the days when shops were open I was guaranteed to sell a copy every time I put it on


great thread, loads of ace stuff

gonna throw this in here

and this

and why not this, the best bass line ever laid down


Does this count as soul?


Anyone mentioned James Carr yet?

Got into him through the live record recommended to me on here :blush: absolutely sizzling from everyone involved

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Tonnes of great stuff in this thread…




Great thread! My dad is a soul obsessive so I’ve been listening to it for as long as I can remember. On car journeys when I was a kid we were always playing Motown or Stax. As I got older and into hip-hop one of my favourite things to do is dig out the samples. Have heard so much great funk and soul that way.

A few things I’ve enjoyed recently:

Sylvia Robinson - Sweet Stuff

This whole album is superb (it includes a song written and produced by Marvin Gaye). It was only after listening that I found out Sylvia Robinson later went on to found Sugar Hill Records… so was pivotal in the growth of hip-hop. What a legacy…:exploding_head:

The Meters - Love is for Me

Feel like New Orleans sometimes gets left out of the soul / funk conversation. Irma Thomas, the Neville Brothers and The Meters deserve to be much bigger. So many great musicians in the latter (including one of the Neville brothers) and you can tell they have great chemistry. This track is more soulful but most of this album is pure funk.

Eddie Kendricks - Intimate Friends

One of the best intros ever imo, such an amazing groove. Eddie Kendricks is just a great song-writer. Love his solo stuff as much as his stuff with The Temptations.

The Ethics - Lost in a Lonely World

Heard this for the first time recently as it was sampled in Madlib / Kieran Hebden’s ‘Road of the Lonely Ones’. The harmonies are absolutely beautiful.


Great tracks! I love that Martha Reeves song and had no idea it was written by Stevie :exploding_head: Don’t understand how or even why a 16 year old is writing songs about break-ups like that

That Wendy Rene song is unbelievable too. One of those old soul tracks where the lo-fi recording quality actually improves it. I don’t think it would be as good if it was a cleaner recording. It was sampled by Wu Tang Clan on Tearz, and more recently by Ariana Grande on Fake Smile (both good songs imo, and very different!!)


Glad this thread took off :slight_smile:

I’ve been on a massive soul/funk tip for a couple of years now. I somehow didn’t have Spotify until about 3 years ago and all my music listening was done on an old iPod with songs I downloaded. Some music, whether it be 80s rap, soul, jazz etc always seemed so daunting outside the classics that I just never bothered to download anything. But then I got Spotify and immediately regretted not getting it years ago haha. It’s a shitty company when it comes to paying artists, but it’s perfect for music discovery.

I’ve always dug soul and Motown. When I was a kid, my parents would always play a soul classics tape in the car and was one of my favourites that I always asked to be played. But it was lost when my dads car was stolen. But after a search, I found it on vinyl dirt cheap on eBay last year and of course I had to get it…


Sorry, I didn’t mean to mislead you, the Tammi track was by Stevie, not the Martha one. I think your point still applies to that song though!

Love that Ethics track, going to give the new Madlib a listen. Really enjoyed both Tearz and Fake Smile, I’d not come across them before, thanks

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One of my favourite things to happen in my pursuit of more soul and funk is randomly coming across a sample I recognise. No better feeling than listening to a song and going “oooooooooh so this is where that sample is from!” :grin:

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These three songs made up the “3 before 8” and signalled kicking out time at the Wigan Casino. They work together so well, I really like all three but I’m particularly fond of I’m On My Way, love the contrast of the grinding guitar giving way to the brass, it’s so uplifting.


Been listening to this over the weekend - ace.

I’m a big Al Green fan so totally my thing. It’s weird as I used to have an Ann Peebles best of comp and I just never got on with it. Don’t know why.

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I’ve only ever listened to Cant Stand the Rain and I don’t think I’ve ever heard a song by her that’s not on it. I should probably try some of her others at least

I think Im Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down is a perfect record though, maybe could just be a bit longer cos I always play it at least twice

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Ann Peebles is great. The I Can’t Stand The Rain album is probably her best IMO.

I was going to cite the Ann Peebles song I Can’t Stand the Rain as a favorite and someone beat me to it.

So many things to check out. Cheers to new music.


I’m a massive Curtis Mayfield fan and, for some reason, I’ve never listened to his stuff when he was in The Impressions. Fixing that now.

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I’ve got a lot of time for the album before Can’t Stand The Rain too - Straight From The Heart

Feel Like Breaking Up Somebody’s Home was the first Ann Peebles song I heard and it’s still wow.