Classic Soul/Funk/Motown thread

Been listening to a fair bit of James Brown recently. The Mr Dynamite documentary is very good.

I have a stupidly massive soul & funk playlist which I have been shuffling through this week. So many gems.

almost my entry for the current round of music league

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Would have definitely got a point from me!

Found this group last week. Had 4 albums reissued on NowAgain last year and they’re all really good. Nice bit of jazz funk.

how the fuck have I missed the thread? Pops NY’s fav genre, fml.

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just listening to this now and did a wee search. An absolute masterpiece. I want all 12 minutes of Walk On By played at my funeral


Been listening to A LOT of Meters recently. Bad ass mother fuckers.


I thought I’d bump this as I’m sorting the 500-odd songs on my Spring / Summer catch-all playlist into different genres, just in case I fancy something in particular on a warm, breezy day. There’s a load of soul stuff that I’m rediscovering so I may post the odd track in here every now and then that I stumble upon…

Billy Paul - Let the Dollar Circulate (1975)

Later chopped up by J Dilla for Steve Spacek…

And sampled for Mary J Blige…


Another 1975 one from me…

Al Matthews - Fool

Yes, this is also the actor that was in Aliens and The Fifth Element.

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Starting to dig into some Barry White. Any essential albums here? Looks like there was a strong run from ‘74 but happy to be told the best way to explore his stuff. Looks like a lot of his stuff got butchered for single edits so thinking the singles comp I’ve been going in on is not really the one

RIP :pensive:

So good

Fan of Wu Tang? You’ll recognise this one