Classic youthful hijinks


writing a letter ‘i’ in the space on a ‘To Let’ sign

any others?



This is fucking mental. No word of a lie I was thinking of making a thread about writing the letter ‘i’ in the space on a ‘To Let’ sign this morning.

This has properly freaked my nut out…


Great m nds th nk al ke




My angle was going to be whether you thought anyone had done a poo in a property with a To Let sign that someone had written the letter ‘i’ in the space of…


first time I’ve encountered this phenomenon


I genuinely don’t believe this




Pulling a chair away before somebody parks their arse.


Back on topic however, as an act of defiance against Johnson’s Baby Shampoo when I was a very young child, I used to rip the ‘No’ off the ‘No More Tears’ bit so that it said ‘More Tears’ because it used to make me cry when it got in my eyes.


i think I read about this in No Logo


You mean ‘Logo’? :wink:


also, coincidentally, there were ‘more tears’ on the sticker after you tore the ‘no’ off


There’s a canal museum between MK and Northampton. A sign on the A508 for said museum has a letter removed (and then reinstated) I would say every 2-3 weeks.



Big fans of former Sunderland player Lorik Cana?




be a crap lie to make up