Classical Garage

This has been touched on in the sugababes thread but think it deserves its own thread.

Some absolute bangers recreated…

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This sounds Brexit as fuck tbh

Alright Jordan way to curb my enthusiasm.


*classical car hole


the 21 seconds one is brill skills


the rest nah

is garage the shortest lived of all genres?

seemed to be around for like 2 years maybe?

This is good and thanks @tilty

I like

Moving too fast
Body groove
Sweet like choc
Back up back up
21 secs

Very good example for me of good, interesting, creative music that i was stupid to dismiss because somehow men with guitars playing 4 chords was more worthwhile.

Silly boy.


can’t agree I’m afraid, the feeble and generic beat is no fun



Not saying it’s all good (I only love a handful of songs), was just something I dismissed unfairly when I was younger so I’ glad I can appreciate aspects of it now.

I think if they removed the garage drumbeat and replaced it with something better there would be some good stuff in there sure!

Sambuca - wideboys
All I want - misteeq
Bound 4 da reload - oxide and neutrino ughhhh the fact they just went and sampled the casualty theme :sweat_smile:
Little bit of luck - DJ pied piper

It’s not for everyone, in much the same way as other genres I love aren’t for everyone (trap, grime)

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Is this like those Pete Tong Ibiza orchestra things? Didn’t like that at all.

Yeah but theyre fairly faithful to the originals

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Didn’t really like the originals.

Fair enough pal


I’ll have a listen later though purely to imagine a past time when I had more hair on my head than in my ears.

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Think a lot of it is vested in nostalgia for me. Reminds me of 1998/1999 listening to Dave Pearce dance anthems on radio 1

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