Classically Smiths (no Moz/Marr)

  • There Is A Light That Never Goes Out
  • Suffer Little Children
  • What Difference Does It Make?

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Yeah…no. Thanks. Pass.

Story gets better

also, Andy Rourke has a ‘team’??



There are an awful lot of orchestras in Manchester, eh?

this sounds as bad as that shit Pete Tong is doing. Murdering house classics and coining it in.

Definitely has an agent as I keep getting emails asking to book him for a DJ set

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*Andy, not his agent

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This sounds stodgy as fuck by the way. Horrid.

Actually it was Mike Joyce the email was regarding

From the Interior Live Agency


Hm, can’t seem to copy the text

Well here’s a bit o’it

Too fucking many!

There seems to be a real market for sucking out everything that made a particular band or musical moment great and vital and replacing it with sitting down and oboes and cellos and putting it on Radio 2.

That said, Moz isn’t going to be in it so it’s not all bad.

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Not just Radio 2. XOYO seem to be doing a lot of orchestral reimagining of people like Daft Punk and Destiny’s Child, loada shite really.

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Whole thing cancelled already

Incredible turnaround. Announced and cancelled in a day.