Classics / Canon edition of the DiS Hip-Hop Listening Club

was listening to Dare Iz a Darkside last night thinking a similar thing

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how have i never seen this

why is the crowd half dead wtffffff

Sorry mates, had to disappear for a bit and been a little hit n miss on here.

Alright so Juvenile… so when this was taking off I was firmly entrenched in the No Limit Records sound. I felt everything that Cash Money Records was trying to do was a total ripoff, from the art to the production to the rapping style. So i didnt jump on the train for anything CM related until… back that azz up. Lil Wayne was just a punchline of a joke to me back then (i still lol at his part in back that azz up) but Juve knew how to make a hit and the Mannie Fresh beats started to really set their hooks in w me. Ha was always a weird track to me and took me a long time appreciate, it was some space age sound i wasnt sure what to do w. whole album kinda fits that for me, took years to really like it, but the big single was my way in. listening back through a handful of times since this was posted and the middle section follow me now through back tha azz up is all stellar. loved revisiting this album tbf. also got me to listen to his whole discography. lots of great stuff throughout but i still have reality check as my fav juve album.

So yeah let’s talk about this album for the next couple of days and I’ll put up a new rec on Wednesday and we can get the ball really rollin again.

Prince Paul – A Prince Among Thieves


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Do we want to do a 2019 thread? A list of albums covered this year and a new drive for fresh blood?

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yah good idear. ill start it on wednesday.


this was the first movie-esque hip hop album i ever heard. where it felt larger than it really was. i think pain is one of the most beautiful hiphop beats on earth. i love sha on that track but deep down i wish it was scarface, it just feels like a scarface song to me. breeze brewin on this album is a star, and i thought he would be a star, he did not become a star… havent really read much on him and the path he went on but id be interested to know why he kinda just floated off after the classic juggaknotz album and then this one.

it’s really sad the movie never got made cos i could watch 80 minutes of this no problem

He became a teacher in the Bronx. It’s worth having a look at that Adult Rappers documentary - he has a little interview on that and has a couple of anecdotes about students telling him they rap, and him dropping his verse from Trouble Man.

(I think it was on that doc, anyway).

That Juggaknots album would be a great pick for this thread in its own


I absolutely love this thread and I’m looking forward to a relaunch of it. I know I never got round to contributing previously but I have been listening to all the albums and discovered some great stuff in the process.

I will do my best to take part but I’m not an expert!


No need to be an expert man, everyone’s welcome to come post a hip hop record they love or share their thoughts on other people’s picks

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You can send me a private message of an album (or two or three and i can help you pick) you have in mind and we can start 2019 off with yours if want?

love the back and forth of ‘the other line’… “you got abducted on some x files shit from up above? whatever the fuck”, guitar line is lush too and that drum breakdown.

‘pain’ sounds so new York, scene setter

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Slight tangent, but this interview with Breeze Brewin is excellent.

Any interest in reviving this? Something to do in the crisis. I’ve got more time for listening than ever…


I’d be down!


I’m down but dont really have time to run it at the moment so if someone else wants to run with it then that’d be cool.

Sure, just gauging interest but I could be down for taking over the running of this run if people are into it.

Physical copy of Cuban Linx on its way in the mail :grin::grin::grin: