Classics / Canon edition of the DiS Hip-Hop Listening Club


Got busy this week so gonna give everyone a week to catch up and/or continue discussions then I’ll fire it up next Wednesday with my new pick.


Cool. Enjoying thread thus far. Narrowing down my eventual pick.


Took a few old gig tees to the charity shop a while back and saw a woman wearing my Shabazz Palaces one when I got off the tube earlier. She might have been at the gig I suppose, but I’m sure it was mine.


That’s amazing :heart:


I know! I was well chuffed. Saw a man in Wood Green wearing a Viktor Vaughn t-shirt that I donated years ago but that was pre decent phone camera.


Alright let’s get it crackin


T.I. — King



Admittedly this isnt my personal fav TI album but think it’s the one that everyone recognizes and seems to be the one to get the most hype. And it’s damn close to being my favorite.


yeah prefer the two before it but it’s still great


Probably the only instance where Copperplate Gothic didn’t ruin a design. Classic cover imo.


Between King and Trap Muzick for me!


(I think I’ve only ever really given Paper Trail any real degree of listening time which is pretty shameful)


ANT !!!


release order for me clive. hell of a run whichever your preference is though


It’s that southern rap blank spot again innit…


Same. Was never fussed about this guy, but many years have passed so i’ll give it another go. To be honest, I didn’t realise this album was so highly regarded. Reading the Wikipedia page now and it won all sorts of shit.


The gap between the quality/consistency of his first 4 albums and what came after is pretty massive. I think you’ll like this! I know bap-heads werent keen on him (and wayne) at the time but this stuff has aged really well imo.


this prob goes back to that discussion in the OG thread about car culture too. What You Know is a top 5 trunk rattler all time, Toomp killed that one. Top Back too (Mannie Fresh)


I know nothing of mr TI, anyone want to give a chump a tiny bit of context before I dive into this? Love the album cover


TI is a rapper from Atlanta Georgia. Got huge in the mid 00s and between lil wayne young jeeezy and him they pretty much ruled southern rap. TI didnt make it big until his 2nd album (Trap Muzik) with the singles 24’s and Rubberband Man. Got bigger with his next release (Urban Legend) and then launched into the stratosphere with this album, What You Know was all over the radio for a long time.