Classics / Canon edition of the DiS Hip-Hop Listening Club


also, he’s a good dude who talks suicidal people out of jumping off of buildings

he also apparently saved the life of the guy from creed, but don’t hold that against him


Up there with Mannie’s best, loves those horns. I guess its the old anti-Southern bias (and the fact that he’s done fuck all recently) but I feel he gets left out of greatest producer discussions unfairly. He’s a huge part of what propelled Cash Money to total rap dominance of the '00s.


Aight. So I’m gonna guess there’s a fair overlap between people who dig this and Cam’ron’s album. Despite some stylistic differences, this one might come down to your tolerance of pop rap, and that tendency to push an album out to 75 minutes. Hope everyone goes in with an open mind though, because for some people that’s an automatic turn off and absolutely shouldn’t be here.

King ain’t TI’s lightning in a bottle record. That was Trap Muzik. This is very much his crossover album. But maaaaan is it a great one. I’d lean towards saying that Trap Muzik is the influential one, but this is maybe the more enjoyable listen front to back.

When we had Purple Haze earlier, I noticed how a lot of the production had aged and felt a little bit limp. There was also a hell of a lot of filler on that record.

King knocks. Like seriously. The whole way through. The production is so crisp and lively. Some horns that’ll make you feel like an absolute boss as you bump it.

I’m not gonna lie, TI’s lyrics wash straight over me, but he flows all over it like a dream, owning the beats.

There’s also not really a bad track here, even though I’ll accept you could cut it to a 13 track masterpiece. Could do without the skits, but they’re not too invasive either.

Those first four tracks are 5/5 after 5/5. Reloaded each one of those tracks on the first listen. The “Why You Wanna” beat with the slowed down house keys from “Gypsy Woman” could be dropped today and would be huge. That’s a summer pop hit nailed. “Ride With Me”, “Bankhead”, “Goodlife”, “I’m Straight”. Yeah a load of bangers.

It’s not well sequenced and one track doesn’t really flow into another. It suffers a bit from front loading. 2010s art-pop-rap it ain’t. But in terms of pure pleasure centre overload from front to back, it was a banger then, and remains a banger now.


Another one that is new to me. Got it on for the first time now. If it’s all as good as the first couple of tracks it’s ok with me. Go that lovely, easy rolling Southern flow to it. I was one of those that didn’t much like the Cam’ron album but this doesn’t sound anything like that to me.


TI is a much less idiosyncratic rapper than cam. More smooth for sure. Very much in the UGK lineage.


Yeah I love King, got a lot of love for Tip in general, and this is probably my favourite record of his. Got into him through Ride Wit Me being on the Entourage soundtrack iirc. King, Front Back, What You Know, Why You Wanna, Ride Wit Me, Top Back, You Know Who, Told You So, all massive songs, but I love the whole album, can just about get through the whole thing in one go too.

T.I. is genuinely consistent too, the recent Us or Else was very underrated imo. He also managed to do a reality show without ruining his credibility and is the kind of MC who isn’t afraid to spread out some of his most electrifying verses to other people for features:


Yeah he hasnt released a bad album/ep really. his last couple lps were a step up, if anything.


I love that his personality matches his beats. you can just picture him making beats with that smile on his face and that infectious laugh, dancing around like such when he hits the perfect combination of sounds:

Mannie dancing


This interview was really good from a few years (or 7) back


OK. Struggling with this one a bit, lads. Got to the Jamie Foxx spot and when I saw that there were still 13 tracks to go I had to bail. Going in again now.


That’s the first kind of dip in the album. But it’s immediately back to bangers after! Ride Wit Me to I’m Straight is a great run. What they were thinking shoving a dead homies track after What You Know and I’m Talking to You?

Like, these guys have had too much hype, let’s cool them off


ok confession time - probs that car thing again but I never really got ‘what you know’. sorry. it’s fine but yeah, top back and front back are both miles better. tried to find the promo ric flair cut on tip for stealing his strut in the front back video but it seems to have been scrubbed from the net :frowning:

listening now, it’s obvs way too long and there’s a couple of forgettable numbers in the back half, but man, the bangers are undeniable aren’t they.


But then Why You Wanna… Is that a sample of Crystal Waters - Gypsy Woman?



It is indeed :joy:


I didn’t skip it!

This is a weird analogy, but it popped into my head just now. You know when you watch that Lord of the Rings film that they did in 60fps, and it all just seems so shiny and slick that you can’t get your head round the fact you’re watching a film? You just want to touch the screen and check? This kind of reminds of that.


I can get that. It is all very crisp and shiny but I think it’s just a great time almost the whole way through. There’s a time and a place for bright colours and broad strokes too :smiley:

On the other hand it can be fun to hear TI over grittier production like


Yeah - didn’t mean it was a bad thing, just makes it a very full on listen. Had it on my headphones at work and just found it super distracting - but strolling round in the sun this morning and I was into it.

Didn’t really register that that was TI on Big Beast. Love that album.


yesterday a colleague brought a new pair of steel toe-ies to me and I changed into them on the spot, just leaving the old pair on the floor*. that’s pretty much the exact equivalent of this, right?

*and took them home after work- might want to use them again


ha, closer than I’ll ever get to it


some fun moments here, right from the off- the blaxploitation horns go well with that tubular bells ish on king back.
love get it- whistles, clattering carnival music. swizz beatz is unique


Mobb Deep - Hell on Earth

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