Classics / Canon edition of the DiS Hip-Hop Listening Club


“y’know how we did on The Infamous album, right? / Aight, we gonna do it again son"

Have a feeling this might not be the most original of choices, but the anniversary of Prodigy’s death made me dig it out, as well as the Drake and Pusha T spat which had me digging through some classic diss tracks. I was reminded that Mobb Deep went ahead and put Drop A Gem On Em on this album, despite Tupac being shot dead a few months before. Brutal.

Love the production on this. Sounds crisper than The Infamous but simultaneously has quite a woozy sound. I find it a really absorbing listen. Great storytellers.

Nice selection of features too. Interesting to watch the different trajectories of Nas and Mobb Deep after their breakthrough albums. Live N__ Rap_ from It Was Written I discovered was actually recorded for this album, but Nas was adamant that he wanted it.

Added the Pre Hell EP as a bonus as some of you may not have heard it. Mobb Deep have some of the deepest of deep cuts and I think this EP is great example. Rep The Q.B.C. is one of the hardest Havoc beats ever. Would have been interesting if some of these had made the album. In The Long Run was actually included on an enhanced version of the CD that you had to use a computer to listen to. Was going to dig out the CD and see if it still worked but alas I not longer have a laptop with a DVD drive so it was not to be.

Anyway. Whether or not you’ve heard it before, enjoy duns!


King flies out the traps like a greyhound but lost steam for me. King Back, What You Know, I’m Talkin’ To You, Ride Wit Me, Why You Wanna and Top Back are fucking great though (had heard a couple of them before obvs)


Great choice. I reckon a lot of users maybe stopped at the Infamous and never gave this its due. I actually got this album before The Infamous, probably why I prefer it ever so slightly.


Guilty as charged. Which is weird because The Infamous is probably top 10 for me.


I thought i was the only hip-hop fan in the world who heard Shook Ones pt 1 before pt. 2. My method man fandom bought me to this before i heard the infamous too

Second this being a great choice, bonafide classic imo


Lovely addition of this ep, going to enjoy airing this out


Just don’t listen to Hey Young Luvs lyrics too carefully. But it’s full of bangers.


Never listened to anything other than The Infamous so I will be happy to give this a go. Failed miserably this week as the World Cup and Kamasi Washington have taken up all my time.


Oh nice. Hopefully you’ll enjoy. I wasn’t mad on it when it first came out to be honest. I wish I knew a bit more about music production techniques, hip hop in particular, but this does sound like it was made differently. Drums sound really sharp and crisp, Havoc I think is still using lots of samples but they also sound really crisp. But over time I’ve come to like it nearly as much as The Infamous (which is probably my favourite hip hop album).


Also worth checking out are the second disc of The Infamous Mobb Deep from 2014 and The Infamous Archives from 2007.


anyone who hasn’t explored beyond the infamous should check out murda muzik too, it’s maybe slightly a level below this but there’s still loads of good tracks on there.

agree that production on this is top tier, atmospheric but yeah, crisp is the right word for it. real snap to those drums, great stuff.

is big noyd the best weed carrier of all time?


Picked the wrong week for this one IMO, it’s way too nice outside for such moody, atmospheric stuff :smiley:


Thought did cross my mind!


(It’s great obviously)


One thing that’s really striking me on a re-listen is just how amazing the production is this. Still sounds crisp as fuck. The beats are obviously post 36 Chambers but Havoc isn’t just biting RZA’s style, he’s building on it with his own vision and loads of cool little stylistic touches. Like the distorted vocal loop on Drop A Gem on 'Em could be straight from a NY deep house track and the dub vibe on Bloodsport with those reverb laden noises and booming bass line. Yet Havoc is weirdly never mentioned in discussions about best rapper/producers.


I do like listening to miserable music year round.


Hello, this is not a genre I have the strongest knowledge of, to the point that I haven’t heard any of the albums, but I started on the Pharcyde album a while ago and am enjoying it and will endeavour to catch up and join in on the chat :slight_smile:


Yeah, he’s definitely underrated.

Yes. Loads of nice touches. The screeching birds at the beginning of Nighttime Vultures gets me everytime.


Yeah, definitely a few great tracks on Murda Music. No Havoc, but did you check out Prodigy’s Return of the Mac? Enjoyed that a lot.


mac 10 handle :fire: never got around to that other one he did with alchemist though, was that any good?