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Albert Einstein? I don’t think I ever listened to that either.


yeah. think it was supposed to be decent, kept meaning to listen to it but other stuff kept coming out and I never got around to it



it’s really great!


so full disclosure i had no idea what you were talking about here so had to do some digging… shook ones pt 1 is not included on my hell on earth cd so ive never heard it until your post!

from wiki, apparently it was only on the international version of hell on earth:

Shook Ones" is a 1994 promotional single by hip-hop group Mobb Deep. The song was the group’s debut on Loud Records, RCA Records, and BMG Records after leaving their previous label, 4th & B’way Records.

A sequel titled “Shook Ones, Pt. II” was the first official single of the group’s second album, The Infamous. “Shook Ones” was featured on the b-side, retitled “Shook Ones Pt. I.” The cut eventually made its way on the International version of the group’s album Hell on Earth.


some thoughts:

  • i truly believe that this album was slept on cos the album cover is so bad. just horrible stuff. should’ve done a version with no copy, just the red flames and the “parental advisory” record label stamp (shout out@furryfan).

  • crisp production is right, pulling off dusty while crisp is something not many producers can do. havoc is a very under-appreciated producer. dont think rza found the right mix right away.

  • ive always thought mobb deep found a way to sound really hard/tough without relying on hyped up and intensified vocals or beats. like you can listen to a m.o.p. track and you feel the adrenaline rush off the vocals but i argue that you get that same rush from a mobb deep cut (ie drop a gem on 'em) even tho the beats roll along at a standard tempo and the rappers dont stray from rapping comfortably over the beat.


It’s dreadful. Just looks cheap. I follow Chi Modu on Instagram and he posted an interesting-ish story with a photo that was taken for the cover. So they obviously had a bank of images to work with. But maybe it didn’t work with the theme of the album, so they chose to go with some fake fire instead.


Awesome stuff. hell on earth cover stands out cos it’s their only release to not have their faces on it as well. cheap is right.


That’s a big tune, hard to find a HQ enough version to do that gutteral rumbling bassline justice but if you do…


Oh yeah! It’s not on the version on Spotify either. I’ve been listening to the one I have in iTunes which I ripped from my CD which does have it.

They should reissue this album. New cover. One CD with the original US tracklist. Bonus CD with outtake material and tracks that appeared on international versions.


R-A-double P-E-R

I think he probably is. I actually loved his album. Shame it was only 11 tracks long. Of which 3 are skits, and 1 is a remix.


only ever listened to his second one, it’s pretty good from what I recall. like this track a lot


Return of the Mac is so sick. Always loved this video too, perfectly captures the vibe lol.


Damn, he was great. And despite a few silly moves (G-Unit) he understood what his core fanbase wanted. Griminess.


Noyd’s first album is amazing, pretty sure it was recorded at the same time as Hell On Earth too so everyone in here should definitely check it. Think this is one of Hav’s best ever beats:

Mobb Deep guest on it too - think if this had been on Hell On Earth, it would have been remembered as one of Mobb Deep’s best tracks.

Love this record so much. Was actually going to pick it for the other thread when it was my go again! Will comment more in a bit


Doin’ drivebys in stretch Limousines. Amazing track! Love it.

One of my big music regrets is not going to see Mobb Deep. A few mates went in 2004 at the Forum when Noyd was there and apparently it was very good. And then in 2015, but it was right near my wifes due date so I swerved it.

Recording of the 2004 show…


Agree. Partly Havoc’s soundscapes, partly just because they always sounded believable.


even the G-Unit move led to a few massive songs

edit: never heard this clean version before and the overdubbing of ‘girl’ in the chorus feels very slightly out of time


Ah yeah, this is in the sweet spot for me.


Never saw this video! Whoever directed it gotta be the same person who did the Roots Dont Say Nuthin vid


Some further reading on Mobb Deep / Prodigy: