Classics / Canon edition of the DiS Hip-Hop Listening Club


that colour grading is so on-brand they should have pulled a screengrab from it and gone back in time ro re-do the Hell on Earth cover and do it justice


5 minutes of internet research and the Shipment is reinforced as king of intuitive rap trivia, congrats.

also of note:


yes! the whole aesthetic feels very of its time. i was finishing up college when motion design was really popping off with this kind of thing so I was really into following music video production/design. wanted to do be a part of until I visited a design studio in LA who specialized in it… it looked like a sweatshop and the employees all looked 100% burnt out.


this sounds awesome. never saw them live either :confused:


that fictional rapper gory al gore could’ve gone in on these beats.
time mobb deep came to oxford, I went Cardiff for super furry animals for umpteenth time, instead.
big animal instinct vibe on this one, babyfather meditation…



Nice. I like that Gino Sorcinelli guy. Got the playlist on now.


Didn’t realise he did stuff for Kanye West.


Make way…for fully-auto gun spray
You’re small prey, I’ll easily bait and trap game
This man is half mad scientist-half sane
Create a rhyme labyrinth like poisonous cannabis
Here, take a toke of this deadly rare vocalist
Overpower y’all, tiny noise like locusts
Like sunlight thru a magnifying glass I’ll focus and burn
A hole straight thru ya brain and leave ya open (Oh shit!)
And let the venom soak in
You start sweatin’ and goin’ thru convulsions from dope shit I writ



such a great vocal flip. probably havocs most wu sounding joint.


Music peaked at Prodigy’s first verse on Hell On Earth


yeah, i love this record but it’s not been on a midsummer tip for me


that’s what the TI record was for.


still bumping it


got a radio edit of top back and been playing it daily for my kids to bounce to


Got a new rap t-shirt


On this particular revisit, More Trife Life is really standing out. Havoc holds his own, and love that weird creaking door sample.


UGK - Ridin’ Dirty



Possibly my favourite track on it :+1: (although competition pretty tough)