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Aight, @theShipment asked me to step in for this one.

No fucking around here. Wanted to pick a top 10 all time album for this thread, and one that was widely considered a classic too. Ridin’ Dirty, while thoroughly well known, is probably the best ratio of classic album to over-eulogising you’ll get. So let’s bask in its glory in the sunshine.

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I like UGK. One of the southern acts that I think a lot of people with mostly east-coast tastes got into. I remember them making very little noise over here at first. Me and my mates were obsessed with Menace II Society and they were on the soundtrack to that, but this dropping in 96 amongst SO many other strong albums meant it just passed me by. Also reading just now that it had no videos or singles which I guess meant no Westwood or The Box. I don’t think it was until the Jay-Z record and my first forays into hip hop message boards and Napster that I went back and checked out their other stuff. Funny how 1996 - 2000 seems like worlds apart.

Got this lined up for the tube tomorrow. First listen in years. :+1:


Now this is all slightly before my time, as Big Pimping was blowing up right as I was getting into hip hop, so they were always a thing for me… But I think you’d be forgiven for having no idea who UGK were in 1999 unless you lived in the South. Can’t think of any other really big features they’d had at the time. And this was still the time where something could still be massive and yet contained almsot entirely in its region. 70,000 copies in its first week and #15 on the US chart according to wiki! That’s no slouch at all. Apparently Pimp C was reluctant to do Big Pimping because it was so far away from the sound they’d carved out, but ultimately it opened them up to a whole new audience


Sippin’ on Some Syrup was pretty popular over here I think?

But yeah, in 1996 The Source and HHC were still pretty much my go to media sources and if they weren’t feeling it then I often wouldn’t bother.

Great revisiting this. Shame the suns gone in…


Yaaasssss. This is exactly what I need today.


3.5 mics? Damn. And that was right around the time they went mad for Southernplayalistic… too. Wonder what they gave Ridin’ Dirty?

Sippin’ on Some Syrup was released after Big Pimping from the looks of it. Despite what I said, I’m not sure how much credit we can actually give Jay Z for “breaking them” to a wider audience, or just jumping on the bandwagon at exactly the right time, as he had an uncanny knack of doing


I hope someone picks a Triple/Three 6 Mafia release for this thread! If not I might when my turn comes round again.


Weird review isn’t it? Comes across like he maybe listened to it once.

Of all the lines to single out, ‘Dom Perignon, it’s supposed to bubble / it just be like that sometimes’, is a strange, strange choice


The first thing that hit me when I first listened to UGK was the musicality of it (for want of a better word). Like Dre, Quik, Outkast you’re listening to someone who isn’t just interested in creating beats or flipping samples, but is really focusing on making music. Pimp C famously thought the Metres were great, so got their guitarist in to work in his little home studio with other musicians rerecording and riffing over the samples. That review doesn’t capture any of that, which makes me wonder if they were even listening.

Both Super Tight and Ridin’ Dirty are great (as is Underground Kingz, which is one of raps great victory laps), but I think Ridin’ musically, lyrically and conceptually just has the edge.


I’d imagine that was probably the case.


One Day seems to be the one that gets the most shine off this, a top 5 track on here but not my personal fav. very few songs get me as amped as Murder. Probably Bun B’s shining achievement as a rapper, crazy alliteration. I’m sure Treach got a smile from it.


What a verse. That opening 1-2 is beautiful, up there with the best on any hip hop album. One Day is a curveball from the off – UGK aren’t the kind of group that you expect to come striaght out of the bat with a slow mournful track, and it’s a bold and usual move for any hip hop album. So where do you go from there? Obviously you drop a clattering beat laced with one of the greatest verses of all time :face_vomiting:


Happy belated July 4th to @theShipment by the way!


Thanks! Wrecked some ribs and a rootbeer float. Bumped some Diamonds & Wood… feelin good.


check out @Dan_S in the other hip hop listening club thread, talks some good stuff about Memphis rap and his time there, picking blackout- dreamworld at post number 764 in that one…

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didn’t know jay-z took that horrible “strong-arm a ho” 99 problems line from bun b on ‘touched’.
yeah on the musicality of this album, freakin vibraphone on ‘3 in the mornin’. in parts it doesn’t sound a million miles from space female of the species from the same year. sorry for stinking up thread with this reference. struggling to think of other recent-ish popular music with vibes on.


Gonna have to listen to Female of the Species to try and see where you’re coming from here. It certainly wasn’t a reference I expected :grinning:


Little Brother - The Listening


Not sure how “canonical” this is but it absolutely is for me. Probably a top-10 of all timer in my mind.

I’m gonna say there’s moments on this album that are the peak of soulful hip-hop production. 9th Wonder at his absolute finest, the Shorty on the Lookout reprise is so fucking good that I regularly listen to the 5 minute long looped version on YouTube.

Phonte and Big Pooh both interplay so effortlessly throughout and sound like they’re having a blast and the radio show theme running through somehow has never got stale for me.

It’s a bit preachy and “real hip hop” at times but fuck it, it’s an amazing record.