Classics / Canon edition of the DiS Hip-Hop Listening Club


I had Ebonics pop up on a playlist the other day. What a track that could have been with a better producer on the beat.


Premo agreed


No account needed… is your flash player up to date? The download link should launch a pop-up browser with a working download link in? Just tried and works here.

If you still have no joy after checking your browse i’ll upload a mediafire for ya!


Thanks so much :pray:t2: I’ll try tomorrow and let you know


big picture has a few real gems on

think this match of production and verse is all time classic for me. the first time i ever heard this when I was 14/15 I think I listened to it 50 times in a row


Missy Misdemeanor Elliott- Supa Dupa Fly


great cover I think. literally laidback, but boss too- looking down her nose.
not sure whether this would be classified as southern hip hop, or more universal. there’s a grasshopper-y sound used a fair bit on the album that makes me think of somewhere hot and rural, anyway. nice sultry one for the summer. don’t tend to hear timbaland and the neptunes labelled southern, maybe they’re too futuristic/ pop or because they came after the first wave, I don’t know.
don’t think I said at the time but nav’s pick by queen Latifah made me think all that talk about Kanye 808’s and drake being pioneers of singsong rapping was bullshit, these women just got ignored/ forgotten in that talk.
so maybe this album isn’t hip hop enough for the thread. don’t know why stuff that is on the boundaries appeals to me- was thinking about how dance-y a lot of the tommy wright 3rd pick was. here, ‘beep me 911’ sounds like a pitched down blueprint for so much of the incredible night slugs catalogue, well over a decade later.
a load of stuff here ain’t hip hop, but still great- the zapp do quiet storm ‘friendly skies’ is a highlight.
chatting too much about the timbaland sounds here. I love missy’s scatting vocals. that delay after “who’s got the keys to the jeep”… then that… “vroom” on ‘the rain’ cracks me up every time. she goes off on ‘don’t be commin’ (in my face)’; deep cut.


duh, I meant crickets, not grasshoppers.
if you’ve not seen- the video to ‘the rain’ is cool. the stop-motion type dancing movements fits well with timbo’s jerky beats. bad decision in my opinion to change the music on the ‘hit em wit da hee’ video. the amazing brittle funk is gone. ‘the rain’, anyway…


I’ve actually spent way more time with Miss E …So Addictive and Under Construction, just because of when they came out. Nowadays I normally just dip in for select cuts. So, happy to visit Super Dupa Fly again. Had a bit of a Timbo binge a couple of weeks ago so I’m in the zone

Will DL this evening and listen to tomorrow and over the weekend


bumping this to remind myself to listen to this over the weekend! great pick. not listened to this in full ever


tend to rather unfairly think of missy as more of a singles artist so kinda forget how good her albums are. front loaded obvs, but still, really fun album. timbo and missy are just a fucking winning combination aren’t they. bite our style would be someone else’s best work but they can afford to throw it away as a 40 second interlude because fuck it, they’ve got loads more where that came from.

not downloaded the big l tape yet as my internet basically died on me last week, will get on it now. cool pick though, probably wouldn’t ever have thought to listen to any of his odds and sods if left to my own devices