Classics / Canon edition of the DiS Hip-Hop Listening Club


love how who got da props sampled Ronnie laws, or someone else on his record I should say. way off piste, but had a listen to some of his other things and want to share this stepper…


I got cha open remix is the bessst.


I dont think there’s a bad song on here. Forgot how front-to-back solid this was.


Buckshots first verse on How Many MCs is so memorable. Perfect delivery.


same. my first time listening to this in full in idk five years or something stupid, got into the habit of just listening to the boot camp clik albums for my duck down fix. the big tracks have obvs remained in playlist rotation but yeah, had forgotten how great the rest of it was


Missed you dropping this. Great album, as I recall. Gonna give it a few spins.


Was actually… Not that into the Missy album. Feel like it had plenty of good elements but felt like she hadn’t fully developed her personality yet. Some of the singing is a bit… average. Feel like her pop sensibilities and overblown persona really landed on So Addictive, and so I reckon that and Under Construction are my favourites nowadays.


Worked through this thread over the last couple of weeks. Great stuff. Don’t have much to add to the excellent commentary, but I’ll do a quick run through roundup.

Much (most) has been new to me (especially in terms of these specific albums). Some of the stuff I’ve enjoyed the most sits closely to things I already love so I’ll be getting into their discographies in due course (Digable Planets, Mobb Deep, Black Moon). Similarly, KRS and Cube are far from new to me, but this has been a good reminder that they’re defo deserving of more of my time than I’ve given them to date. Some choices caught me off guard cos I enjoyed them more than my usual range would suggest (Cam’ron, T.I.). Have dabbled with Missy in the past, will dabble again to pick out the better cuts from the less so. Some stuff hasn’t quiiite landed musically but, again, the commentary has been ace (UGK, Little Brother). Logic says I’d be more into Pharcyde and Roots than is the case… not sure what’s going on there - might revisit to suss it.

Great thread.

Oh, props too for the Queitus link. Enjoyed the Dre takedown. Ouch! Gonna have to have a looky at some of the others in that Anniversary series.


great to have you on board wza


Raekwon — Only Built 4 Cuban Linx…


posting this on behalf of @FKA_Adam_Jeffson




What an album. Top 10 for me, any genre. Been in semi-regular rotation for, what, 22 years? This was actually the first compact disc I ever owned. Annoying, as I wish I’d bought the tape. No bad tracks, amazing beats, and still endlessly quotable to this day.

Son has just gone to bed, and I’ve got it on now while I’m cooking. That intro - classic. They just sound off their heads.

I met Raekwon at a Burger King in Butlins once. Was weird.


Actually, this is greatest hip hop album of all time for me. Total game changer. Most of the hip hop I like to this day I can trace back to either this or The Infamous.


i’ve got a Wu-Tang tattoo on my shin because of this album

I hope that before I die someone gives me a 6 minute and 3 second warning so I can listen to Rainy Dayz on my way out

Hard to even say much about this album without drifting into cliche or sounding hyperbolic but… if you know, you know, if you haven’t given it a spin, its an essential listen. This is the definitive work from the Wu universe for me, with 36 Chambers nipping at it’s heels.




Even the kind of throwaway tracks like Spot Rusherz are so amazingly crafted, and that last line still makes me laugh.


Apologies for not being there to give a blurb. So basically the reason why I picked this one is because of you asked me this time last month I’d have it as my least favourite of the Wu-Solo holy trinity (Liquid Swords and Supreme Clientele presumably being the others). However I have been rinsing it for the past month and have grown to love it a lot more than I did. My surbrother it would top Liquid Swords but I probably like it more than SC now.

I do love the cinematic scope of it. The opening 6 tracks are all phenomenal, Criminology in particular is a banger and a half. And Glaciers of Ice to me is just experimental rap perfection - I’m not sure I even know what half the words are, just the combination of instrumentation and vocal rhythms are entirely mesmeric.

Seem to be in a minoroty on sayong that it’s not perfect, but I’d love to hear more of people’s thoughts about/experiences of it.


Much as I love Supreme Clientele, I never really counted it as a Wu Tang Clan solo album. Apparently there was a lot of infighting and politics within the group about who got solos first, post the groups debut. I read U God’s book recently, and he is very honest about the solo albums taking a real dip after RZA had essentially checked out after Wu Tang Forever and he’s still very bitter about not getting a solo album with that cohesive RZA sound (his words).

So I think the great thing about Supreme Clientele is that it’s very much a Ghostface album, done his way. For me, all the best tracks aren’t the ones produced by RZA.

Yeah - such a bonkers track. It took us ages to realise that he was talking about Wallabies at the beginning, which resulted in half of my town heading to Clarks to get a pair.


Another thing I really like is that they use the advert they made for St Ides at the beginning of Spot Rusherz.


This is a perfect album. Only 36 chambers is ranked above it for me in the wu discography.