Classics / Canon edition of the DiS Hip-Hop Listening Club


Ironman rather than Supreme Clientele surely?


yah prob.

for me it wasnt obvious that it was perfect right when I got it. whereas 36 chambers landed with immediate impact boom from the canon. I loved this right off but it took some time for me to really appreciate all the story telling and mood setting. rae wasnt really one of my favorite wu members in the 90s either but now he’s my #2 after ghost (and those two together? untouchable) The hooks aren’t as memorable or massive as those on 36 chambers but the beats are.


kinda sad we never got a rae/nas collab album with nothing but prime rza/dj premier beats.


Yeah same for me, Gza and Meth were always my favourites at the beginning and it took me a lot longer to get into Cuban Linx than any of the other Wu albums, I think I even got into the Killah Priest and Wu Tang Killah Bees The Swarm albums before I eventually got into it. One of my all time favourites now though, those first 6 tracks are flawless.


This was pretty much instant for me. Although it was pretty hyped so I admittedly went in wanting to love it.

The Swarm was great. Keep meaning to do a thread of Wu Tang affiliates and b-teamers. So much good underground stuff in the late 90s.


I feel like they were like ‘damn one of our best songs is a 40oz ad’ so they figured out a way to include it


Just basing that off of what I’ve heard in popular culture (and therefore the canon). Keep hearing about Supreme Clientele everywhere but didn’t even know about Iron Man’s existence until I actively looked into the Wu-Tang’s back catalogue


No love for Tical in this thread yet which is my favourite Wu-solo after Rae/Ghost/GZA

they all came out in such close proximity and with such a unified sound that it doesn’t seem detrimental to spread the discussion out amongst them all

here’s rae’s spot


Ironman is brilliant, but has seemingly been eclipsed by Supreme Clientele over the years. I’ll always regard Ironman as the better album but I think I’m increasingly in the minority. It’s weird - they were only made 4 years apart but feel like they’re from completely different eras to me. Both classics though.

Cappadonna’s verse on Winter Warz was a face melter. No idea why it’s not on the version on Spotify.


Perfect album for me. Haven’t listened to it in ages so enjoying having it on now.

I’ve always thought of this as a Rae & Ghost album as Ghost’s contributions almost equal Rae’s and he’s pretty much indispensable to the album’s success. As the Wu’s two best story tellers it makes so much sense to have them team up like this.

Also Nas’s feature >>>


not much to add to what’s already been said but yeah, absolute classic. probs my third favourite wu related album (behind 36 chambers and liquid swords) but they’re all top ten all timers. think criminology might be my favourite rza beat


Such a banger. My wife had loads of Stax compilation albums when I first met her and I remember first hearing this on one of them…

“I told you a long time ago…”


Been relistening to this today, plus the other 1st gen Wu solo albums, I’d forgotten how much I hate the skits on this album compared to the kung fu samples on every other one.


I generally feel nothing for skits and forget they exist after one listen.


i think the neptunes defo used ‘knuckleheadz’ as inspiration for ‘pop shit’ with odb…


I know what you mean but there are two of them before the first song even starts on this album, both of which are illegible shouting…


I’d usually be in agreement about skits, but these are just something else. Two guys just coked off their faces talking the most earnest bollocks over a simmering RZA beat. They never ever get skipped, especially the intro. It’s a masterpiece.


I think Ironman might be the better album too, Iron Maiden, 260, Daytona 500, Smoke and Marvel are all better than anything on Cuban Linx. Plus that skit at the start “I’ll put trademarks around your fucking eyes”, always my favourite sample on a Wu Tang album


(I’ve been to the pub so this may be bollocks…)


incarcerated scarfaces!