Classics / Canon edition of the DiS Hip-Hop Listening Club


260 is great, but will always be the poorer cousin of Spot Rusherz.


Haha - same


*Apart from Incarcerated Scarfaces


Except for the 36 Chambers skits right? I know them all off by heart…

Is he fuckin’ dead?
What the fuck you mean is he fuckin’ dead, God?


How do we all feel about Pt. II now? Remember loving it at the time but maybe that’s because I was certain it was going to be embarassingly bad. Can’t say I ever really revisited though.


I went back to it the other day, New Wu still bangs.


Quite liked it, but rarely revisited. If I need a Wu fix it’s going to be extremely low down the list.


Cuban Linx pt. II holds up imo. Walk Wit Me top 5 rae song for me. Couldve easily have been embarassing making it a sequel if it was a dud but its not


It’s still really good. Unless I’m forgetting something, it’s the last Wu album that can be considered anywhere close to canon, and almost a decade old now (!)

Twelve Reasons to Die might be the best Wu album of the 2010s and I don’t even rate it that much


he’s just become who all the ghostface nerds wanted him to be. pretty stale. in retrospect I liked him best last on ghostdini cos he was still being weird and doing what he wanted, rather than what his fans expected. if that makes sense.

def still holds up! speaking of ghost he is in top form on that album.


Yeah, he’s become way too much of an ny boom bap purist, when his willingness to colour outside those lines was what kept him interesting in the 00s


whoa never heard this! says it was on the itunes version only… think this was the last actual CD I bought so I missed out. Badlands another added track too. new wu joints ten years later baby.


Killer Mike - I Pledge Allegiance To The Grind II


this is my fav KM album. ready to dive back in.


first of all, let’s take a moment to appreciate that album art. goddamn is that glorious, one of those covers where you know you’re gonna like the album before you’ve even heard it.

playing fast and loose with the term canon a bit here (especially compared to last week’s pick) but this is a personal classic so I guess it’s allowed. plus the good people of DiS are generally pro RTJ so thought it might be fun to delve into one of their back catalogues.

mike’s discography is pretty solid front to back but this is my favourite by some distance. think the soundtrack to your success stuff might be cheesy to some but idk I love all that shit. was in a bit of a bad place a few years back and this was one of a few albums I had on constant rotation that inspired me to make some changes (long story short - I didn’t like my boss, so I fired my boss). tricky for me to analyse it with any objectivity because of that really, so interested to hear everyone else’s thoughts on it


Looking forward to this, R.A.P Music is one of my favourite rap albums (can’t believe it’s 6 years old already) and obviously he’s awesome in RTJ, but I’ve never heard any of his earlier stuff.


Feel like quite a few DISsers will be in a similar boat, altho I would venture to say a few haven’t heard RAP Music either.

you drop this on him/her?


Enjoying this. Predictably, the production is a little hit and miss for me. I’d like the whole thing to sound like the track with 8Ball and MJG.


This is more spotty than I remember, been a few years since I listened in full. Think the second half of this is better. Can You Buy That is one of my favorite Killer Mike song. The production is all over the place, think every song has a diff producer. God In The Building slams, No ID touched that one.

I am going to listen to Monster, RAP and Pledge 1 as I may need to re arrange my ordering.


was a bit apprehensive on hearing the mr Hudson type vibes of ‘can you hear me’, don’t think that’s a good fit for km. sounds better after though