Classics / Canon edition of the DiS Hip-Hop Listening Club


2pac – Me Against the World


Haven’t listened to this in a while. Looking forward to it immensely :blush:


This album has aged so well. I still listen to it all the time.


If I Die 2nite is like a ‘how to use alliteration in rap 101’ course. one of the two easy mo bee produced tracks on here too. both of which are two of the albums best.


Great choice, was hoping we’d get a 2Pac album, and this is probably his best front to back. Admittedly, I often resort to playlists and grab bags of tracks these days with Pac so looking forward to doing the whole album again

Who picked it by the way?


Missed out on Killer Mike too, so will get that in first


Had this on last night and my wife said…
“This is good. Who is it?”
“2Pac?! But… you don’t like 2Pac”
Which isn’t really true. It’s just that I rarely listen to his music.

I’d liken this album to Appetite for Destruction which, whilst never having owned a copy, I still know pretty much inside out just by osmosis as it was so ubiquitous at the time. In retrospect I think that’s why I recoiled from 2Pac a little as he was just unavoidable at the time - from the countless albums to the bootleg hoodies. But Me Against The World is an undeniable classic. Interesting listening back again this morning - clear the influence on a lot of the emo type early 00s stuff like Atmosphere etc.


Just listened to this - agree that it’s aged very well, and it mostly bangs. Think my biggest criticism of it is that it’s musically quite one-dimensional, no?

However when that one dimension is “bangers” it’s easier to understand and tolerate. Can’t argue with the technical prowess either - there are some undeniably feats of lyricism and delivery here. I might be in a minority who values the backing music as much (maybe more) as the lyrics and flow in rap.


I’m definitely in that camp. If the production is great then I can forgive sub-par rapping (case in point - Group Home’s album).


still prefer all eyez on me but probably listen to this more as double albums are effort aren’t they. production way better than his first couple (but not as good as AEOM) and there’s a lot of classics on here. some days ‘old school’ is my favourite pac song (and today is one of those days)


also my second favourite 'Pac album. Me Against the World is one of the best rap beats of all time imo. Other faves are Temptations, Lord Knows, Heavy in the Game, Old School. Hard to pay much lip service to Tupac without treading well worn ground, other than reinforcing that he’s a heavyweight artist for good reason.

re-watched the doc about him recently, always amused by the fact that he started off as a backup dancer for Digital Underground and had to dance with a giant blow up doll


DJ Premier made a lot of careers


Did you know…

Double albums count as two sales, which is probably the reason why that is his best selling album (and one of the top 10 best selling rap albums ever).


Late 90s seemed like every big rapper/group was double disc-ing.


me. havent taken the time to look back through all the picks and see who’s been left out. Planning on a re-cap post here soon to get things back in order.

pac was quite unique and fathered so many rappers.

idk about this. pretty varied production on here imo. I like that he was still staying adjacent to his bay roots and included some og mobb sounding stuff ie heavy in the game.


Smdh. All these old heads complaining about young artists releasing 25+ song albums to utilise streaming numbers in relation to chart positions and 2pac was on it in the 90s??


just off the top of my head in the late 90s we had:

All Eyez on Me
Art of War
Life After Death
The Element of Surprise
Wu Tang Forever
My Homies
Da Last Don
G Funk Classics


Felt like every rapper had to try the double album. By the time Jay and Nas put theirs out, it just seemed to be ticking a box


sub-thread: did Biggie and Pac release the only truly classic rap double LPs?

I’ll hear a vague argument fo UGK nipping at their heels


Best selling rap album ever is…

Speakerboxxx/The Love Below, which makes more sense now I know about the double album thing.