Classics / Canon edition of the DiS Hip-Hop Listening Club


on a similar note, was more concise than I remembered. had forgotten that even without skipping all the skits the whole thing comes in under an hour


that james brown sample on ‘blow your mind’ being the same on massive attack ‘protection’ is a weird association for me with that new jack swing feel too, works well though!


No album this week?


Quasimito – The Unseen

Pick courtesy of @thewarn


Havent checked this out in many years. When I initially heard it in 04 I thought it was a joke… but by the end of the album I was vibing out hard. I remember thinking at first like why would you ruin these beats by doing that to the vocals… but now I couldn’t imagine it any other way, think it would be just pretty standard sounding with the normal Madlib voice. It’s just its own thing, nothing like I’d ever heard and it still stands on its own island. I dont remember ever really having favorites off this, just always played it all the way through if I was in the mood.


I first heard this when i was ‘travelling’ in the states in 2001. Met some dudes at a hostel who invited me to stay over in tuscon. Ended up staying there for 3 weeks with a lovely guy who woke me up late each morning playing playing his decks then handing me a bong. This album featured heavily and perfectly soundtracked three massively stoned mid-summer weeks in the only house in tuscon without aircon.

Got quite obsessed with the album after that - still think everything about ‘come on feet’ is incredible.


Sounds like you were Astro Travelin for 3 weeks!


Ah, nice. Not listened to this in ages. :+1:


Yeah, I didn’t know what to make of it either. I was hoping for more stuff in the vein of Lootpack’s Soundpieces which is weird as in retrospect that album was pretty vanilla. Now think that the vocal effect is a master stroke. Madlib is not a good rapper, but by creating this weird character… it just works for some reason. I think I read that he doesn’t like his own rapping so doing that help him feel like he was working with a different MC.

Love the cut’n’paste feel - totally agree that it’s an album you need to listen to in it’s entirety.

Amazing album. Probably my favourite of 2000. This, Supreme Clientele, Necro, Aesop Rock, Deltron - decent year for left field rap.


I think on my first listen that was the track that made me think “Is this even music?”. But yeah, amazing track.


Haven’t listened to this in time! Take me back to when I obsessively listened to everything Doom, Dilla & Madlib did.

Knowing Madlib’s musical influences do you think he got the idea from Prince’s Camille persona?


never got the voice. nobody is listening to a madlib album for the vocals anyway though I guess


@theShipment you cool with this one?- TWO songs listing musician influences :wink:


this is it yea


Absolutely love this one. Like others have said, was a bit nonplussed at first, but it turned out to be one of my favourite records around that time. Think the vocals actually work on a lot of levels – they add extra colour to the already colourful and (for the time) pretty unorthodox beats and also work as a bit of a send up of rap tropes. Lyrics about pimping and violence from a cartoon character with a helium voice can’t be anything other than pretty humorous.

Madlib would release higher profile records in the early 2000s (Champion Version and Madvillainy in particular) and would become and remain a top tier producer through his work for stacks of people, but I still think that this is probably his signature record. I’ve absolutely no idea how many copies it sold, but think you can hear its influence on a whole bunch of records since.

Haven’t listened to this for years either. Like Warny’s pal, associate this record with being pretty toasted, but it sounds just as great when you’re straight. Listened to it about six times since Wednesday now. Been a fun week!


Could be describing a lot of modern autotuned trap stuff. His influence could have been wider than I thought…


Astro Black :+1:


Masta Ace Incorporated - SlaughtaHouse


Murder, murder, murder!
Kill, kill, kill!

Easily my favourite Masta Ace album. Got it on now. Chills when Jack B. Nimble started.


Yeah, me too for sure! I love Disposable Arts and A Long Hot Summer, but by then Masta Ace was worn down by the industry that failed to make him a star and a bit bogged down by his concepts. But on SlaughtaHouse he’s hungry and he’s angry and it strikes the right balance between conceptual, funny and bumping.

Will drop a full intro when I get a minute, but yeah, great fucking album.