Classics / Canon edition of the DiS Hip-Hop Listening Club

great find! unfortunately not working on my work pc >:( , but will check later

Ah - found a YouTube link with just the freestyle.

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This was fire, thanks :fire:

Not been on here long but this thread piqued my interest and I’ve read the entire thing in almost one sitting. Some interesting choices and a big thank you to whoever it was in the thread that linked to the Angus Batey anniversary articles which are fantastic reading.

Time to own up that I was a huge hip hop fan back in the late 80s and early 90s but rapidly lost interest when gangsta/thug/hustler rap became the dominant style and flows became more important than beats.

Honestly haven’t listened to much hip hop in the last 20 years and with the likes of Drake everywhere haven’t felt I’ve been missing out BUT… reading this thread and the enthusiasm everyone has written about the choices has encouraged me to take another look.

I’ve listened to the first two albums. Pharcyde I fairly enjoyed at the time but enjoyed it much more now and discovered some tracks i had previously tended to skip over before. Passing’ Me By still stands up well and I still love one of my all-time favourite lines “damn I wish I wasn’t such a wimp”.

KRS-One is interesting. Have always loved a bit of BDP and his solo stuff but always thought despite having funky boom-bap beats, I always found them kinda limited. I don’t know if it’s because I’m a huge Public Enemy fan and nothing would stand up against the wall-of-sound collage of PE productions but even in comparison to other boom-bap stuff, thought KRS’s beats were a little basic (heresy i know!) Still great for head nodding though.

Anyway, enough of my rambling. Have paused here as I am about to take my first hesitant step into post-2000 hip hop with Cam’ron. Not quite sure what to expect but might as well dive in the deep end…


ay nice to have you, ramble on. interested to hear your thoughts on the other picks, especially camron and the stuff from the south.

one of the reasons i dont really like public enemy is cos the beats were just too much noise. but i didnt really come to love rap from the rock side, they werent an entry point for me.

Public Enemy are a weird one for me. I’d liken to someone like Slayer. Love them, listened to them a lot as a lad, rarely find myself in a situation now where I fancy listening to them. I find if I want a hit of Bomb Squad production I go for AmeriKKKa’s Most Wanted.

El-P’s earlier stuff references Bomb Squad quite a lot - might be worth a look if you enjoy that wall-of-sound style. Might even pick something of his when it’s my turn…

Good post though! Hope you check some more stuff out!


you know i love me some masta ace.
i miss jeeps being in music videos

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should defs be part of the 90s revival. can never decide whether i prefer jeep ass or born to roll. both bang hard

first time listening to this, like it a lot. jeep ass and the big east are my early favourites but good stuff all round

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Not sure how I’ve never listened to this, I’ve got Sittin’ on Chrome (which is great), Long Hot Summer (which is great) and a Best of Cold Chillin’ compilation. Looking forward to jumping in. JAN is obviously a jam but the rest of the album is unknown to me

love this version


hadn’t heard and really like, super pick lbs.
‘rollin’ wit umdada’ is an interesting production- screaming horn bits remind me of bomb squad and the mellow brass bits sound daisy age.

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On this particular revisit I think this is my favourite track. Love the little Nice & Smooth and Cheers sample bit.

Will never get tired of either version of this track. More rappers should have offered east and west coast takes of tracks :smiley:

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Glad you like it man. In general, I think Ace had a really good ear for beats. He was never exactly pushing music forward, but from his debut to A Long Hot Summer (which fit well in the scene the summer following College Dropout) his production choices were fresh and on point.

This one is a favourite too, great wordplay as well, one of those ones where you can see the influence he had on Eminem:

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Another one I haven’t listened to for years. Forgotten how good it was. Ace was on an absolute tear the 90s, eh? As @furryfan says, real mix of production styles, but Ace (and his crew) hold it all together beautifully. Not anything even approaching a duff track on the whole thing.

Never got too bogged down in the ‘concept album’ thing, but he addresses quite a few home truths about rap really well without ever coming across as preachy (something that even people like Jeru weren’t always able to pull off). Remember reading an interview with him where he said he was a little uneasy about putting it out because of the flak he thought he’d get, but that the feedback he got from the rap community was totally positive. People either congratulated him, or found it hilarious. Absolute classic for sure, just a shame it wasn’t a bigger hit commercially

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Pretty sure that Eminem said that this is the album that changed his life? Might have got that wrong. When listening to this again this week, did bring (early) Eminem to mind quite a bit.

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Wonder if it’s a coincidence that that Em affiliated Joe Budden/Joell Ortiz/Royce group called themselves Slaughterhouse :man_shrugging:

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Oh damn, new album with Marco Polo out in 2 days. Funny how you’d never know these vets dropped albums unless you were checking for it now. Has defs gone off the boil a bit recently (fair enough 30 years into his career) but will always check for him anyway

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I wonder if ‘Sittin on Chrome’, and in partic Born to Roll, kind stunted what he was trying to be? Since it was where most fans probably jumped on and it was packaged as one thing but was another. Sittin… was my entry point and the mix of styles and never knowing if he was serious was a weird thing for me to grapple with at first. tbf i didnt really like Sittin on Chrome outside of the singles until years later when got a deeper understanding of what Ace was all about. Didnt hear ‘Slaughtahouse’ or ‘Take A Look Around’ until after a ‘Long Hot Summer’ came out and by then it all clicked.

Think this is my fav on here. The production is twisted just enough. Sounds like a Cyoress Hill joint a little.