Classics / Canon edition of the DiS Hip-Hop Listening Club


Wonder if it’s a coincidence that that Em affiliated Joe Budden/Joell Ortiz/Royce group called themselves Slaughterhouse :man_shrugging:


Oh damn, new album with Marco Polo out in 2 days. Funny how you’d never know these vets dropped albums unless you were checking for it now. Has defs gone off the boil a bit recently (fair enough 30 years into his career) but will always check for him anyway


I wonder if ‘Sittin on Chrome’, and in partic Born to Roll, kind stunted what he was trying to be? Since it was where most fans probably jumped on and it was packaged as one thing but was another. Sittin… was my entry point and the mix of styles and never knowing if he was serious was a weird thing for me to grapple with at first. tbf i didnt really like Sittin on Chrome outside of the singles until years later when got a deeper understanding of what Ace was all about. Didnt hear ‘Slaughtahouse’ or ‘Take A Look Around’ until after a ‘Long Hot Summer’ came out and by then it all clicked.


Think this is my fav on here. The production is twisted just enough. Sounds like a Cyoress Hill joint a little.


think this is the best video for 90s jeep action


LOVE that track. I see Nine had a new album out recently. Didn’t check it though.


Didn’t know! I’ll check it just based on his voice alone.

This weeks pick should be coming in later today.


Oh, my mistake - he actually had two! The 9 Commandments and King. Produced by Snowgoons, which is what put me off giving it a go.


:roll_eyes: snowgoons


Alright I have @thought_dreams pick ready to go but I’m going to hold onto it until wednesday so we can have a full week with it.

In the meantime… two massive albums turn 25 years old today (Midnight Marauders, 36 Chambers) so I thought we could listen and discuss Midnight Marauders for the next few days (we’ve had plenty of Wu discussion on other threads imo):

A Tribe Called Quest – Midnight Marauders


Yeah - pretty good album, this.



This is 25 y/o?? JFC :tired_face: Think I bought it on the day it came out too (in the UK anyway). Memory is fading though cos I am obviously really, really old.

Best Tribe album? Best Native Tongues album? Come @me bros


Actually pals, I’m gonna make a thread for this album, hold please.



A Clan Called Wu - Enter The Marauders
This really works!


Oh this new Masta Ace album is actually really great, easily among the best boom bap of the year. Real nice surprise


Could do without the corny skits as with all his 00s output but a really solid one rapper/one producer album


Juvenile – 400 Degreez

pick courtesy of @thought_dreams


So I thought this would be an interesting pick for a few reasons. The first being that I think it’s just absolutely sick, still sounds totally fresh to me, but I also think it’s an important record.

This is the album that launched Cash Money’s, and by extension Southern rap as whole, total dominance of '00s hip-hop. But in the shadow of stars like Lil Wayne its easy Juve’s huge influence and legacy.

Everyone should know the two absolutely massive singles but the rest of the album bangs too. Tunes like Flossin Season and Rich Niggaz (Mannie’s hardest beat?) are just as good and although its maybe a tad overlong there’s not much i’d skip.

Maybe it’s a bit rockist but I’ve always loved rap albums with a single producer and Mannie and Juve have a particular synergy. Reading this Mannie interview is totally fascinating and helps explain why they’re so totally in sync. Instead of Juvenile writing to already made beats, Mannie crafted the beats for especially for Juve’s raps and hooks. I’d always felt there something pleasingly off-kilter about these tunes but it took ages for me realise it was because Juve couldn’t count bars and Mannie would just cut the beat to whatever length he felt like rapping for!

It also sounds so uniquely New Orleans. Obviously there’s the bounce feel running throughout the beats but there’s also something bluesy about Juve’s flow and cadence that seems to channel the spirit of the city. He has that cool ability to wring melody out of his flows and hooks in a way that really set the trend for a lot of rappers in recent years. Crazy that he was only 22 at the time but sounds so wise and world weary.

Although it’s very much Juve’s album its also a showcase for the rest of the Cash Money crew. It’s cool to hear Lil Wayne sounding so young and still honing his craft, reminding yourself how great B.G. was and reminiscing about the time when Birdman actually rapped and wasn’t just a pantomine villain.

Lots more I could say but lets just appreciate how great the Ha video is.


Aye good stuff. I’ll have more to say in a bit.