Classics / Canon edition of the DiS Hip-Hop Listening Club


i thought bizarre ryde would be firmly planted in your top ten already!


Yeah, it’s a weird one. Not sure I’ve ever listened to the whole thing front-to-back until this thread but the highs are real highs which appear on various playlists etc for me.


whats up fatlip i think is on youtube, def a weird vibe to it. kind of intriguing. havent seen one more hit either. so many sad/tragic stories in hip hop history!


on that caught between two era’s thing- this j cole ‘1985 intro to fall off’ that’s everywhere now is reminiscent of ‘outta here’…

and then the title track rapping of ‘return of the boom bap’ sounds like it could have come from ten years earlier than it was recorded to me “fresh for 1993 you sucka’s”!


their punchline… “you must learn!”


reminded me of this episode…

if I remember, grindah is staring into the record company person’s eyes while delivering his bars from about a foot away


Cam’ron — Purple Haze

picked by @thought_dreams


Never heard this. I’ll give it a listen today.


I figured everybody would go for 90’s stuff so thought i’d pick something '00s. For me this is the peak of Cam’ron and Dipset generally (it all went a bit downhill after here right?) and kind of an end of an era (bye bye Roc a fella).

Anyway at the time I was largely listening to grime and UK stuff and Dipset were huge with that scene (even inspiring a host of ill advised chipmunk soul tunes) and I think Cam’s absurdist streak was a massive influence on MCs like Wiley.

The beats are pretty varied but they hang together in a consistent aesthetic whole, united by a kind of operatic/cinematic theme (whether from overblown strings of those classic dipset vocal samples). Some all time classic beats from Heatmakerz and Kanye (including Down and Out, no. 1 in our 'Ye production poll) and although they’re very of the their time they’ve aged well.

But of course the star of the show is Cam. I actually think his flow is as complex (polysyllabic rhymes abound) as someone backpackers love to endlessly dissect like MF Doom, his punchlines always bang and he has a really entertaining weirdo sensibility. Most importantly for me though is he sounds effortless, the bars just pour out smooth as fuck, oozing charisma with every syllable.

I even find the skits funny - shoot me.


Was hoping someone would post early! Got the train in today so wanted something new to listen to. Ahh - Cam’ron. The ‘word-twisting surrealist amoral prince’.

Confession - I’ve not heard this album before in it’s entirety. I never really dug Dipset at the time. I liked the fact that they were street style NYC hip hop, but their whole aesthetic just didn’t work for me. Beats weren’t dusty enough, the flamboyant garms were off-putting, I think at this point in time I was starting to take umbrage with the ‘no homo’ schtick. Also, I think the whole mixtape approach felt disposable to older listeners who still wanted a more ‘crafted’ album experience. Personally, I found it hard to tell the difference between those and ‘proper albums’ like this. By this point I’d also stopped listening to Westwood on the radio and going to his events (I recall he was a big Dipset advocate) in favour of pirates like Itch FM and nights like Scratch. Basically, I ended up just letting the whole thing kind of pass me by and went headlong into nerd-rap. Just didn’t get much exposure to these guys.

In retrospect though, it does feel like these guys bridge the gaps between the stuff that I really love - that early/mid 90s NYC street sound, the more pared-back stuff that’s popular now (Roc Marciano et al), with the kind of irreverence of someone like Doom. So it’s good to revisit without my old biases and I’m really enjoying the album. Love ‘Get Down’, ‘Down and Out’, ‘Killa Cam’, ‘Dip-Set Forever’, ‘Take Em To Church’… But there is no way this album needs to be 80mins/24 tracks. Ditch the skits, tracks like ‘Girls’, and this would be amazing.

Always wanted the Dipset Supreme t-shirt.


Ah summer 2004. The College Dropout, The Pretty Toney Album, A Long Hot Summer and, of course, Purple Haze… On repeat. Looks like the sun will be back tomorrow so gonna wait for that to spin this in all its mid 00s NY rap glory


always worth a watch


Yes. All those albums remind me of going to Mr CD on Berwick Street, grabbing a few albums, buying some ridiculous trainers somewhere, then sitting in The Endurance all afternoon. Good times.


I wonder whether Cam’ron’s iconic pink fur coat had some part to play in creating the fashion trend around the mid-2000s of blokes wearing pink polos.

Anyway, might as well post this classic freestyle:


yes! I thought I was all billy big balls ‘I’ll definitely have heard every pick from the canon round already’ but this is one I never got round to, despite liking Cam’s general oeuvre. Looking forward to finally playing this in full


Somebody burned me a mix CD around this time that had the track Killa Cam b2b with Good Times (I Get High) by Styles P and it very very very vividly takes me back to aimless long hot summer days in the school holidays smoking weed and hopping fences into a school to play football on the clay pitch. Strong memories evoked. simpler times eh


Aye my first thought when this was posted was “better blaze for this one”, otherwise it just ain’t gonna sound the same


Yes! Halcyon year tbh.


I’m sure this is one of those where the lyrical content put me off ever giving it a proper go. think I’ll bang it on on my way to football in a bit.

also I’ll give that KRS-One album a listen. and maybe try contribute some more thoughts on my own pick.


bassline in ‘Killa Cam’, tho. like, this 2004 style was sounding kinda quaint, post-trap ubiquity until that dropped.