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Is this the evening thread

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I think it is


Got a takeaway pizzer, watching Withnail and I

Reckon we should commandeer this to be the evening thread, all in favour?

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Having one of my twice weekly mental breakdowns, nothing to see here.

Film Club in a bit though, innit, so there’s that at least.

Some people are born great, some people achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them

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Oh god picked up a jar of hot dogs earlier and it said ‘mechanically separated meat’

Just ate a samosa.


This thread is a bit like that bit at festivals where you are just about to have some tea and someone rubbish is on so you can have tea and then get absolutely smashed in the evening


I don’t know what the appropriate thread for this would be so I’m just gonna say it here

I keep seeing pictures of the queen and sir Tom and I just wanna know

Did they


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Yes they did then she executed him with her sword.

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Lucky bastard, wish someone would have sex with me and then kill me

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