Cleaner Dilemma

My cleaner texted me claiming that she lost the cash I left for her somewhere in my flat. That was several days ago and I have not found the money. Should I pay her it again as a good faith gesture? The cash is basically on my property so its essentially not left my possession even though its lost.

Or is she tryna pull a fast one?



When you say she lost the cash - did she see it and misplace it? Or did she not find it in the first place?

Sorry i don’t understand. You left money for her, she picked it up but then lost it again before she left the flat?

Worst case scenario, you’re getting fleeced by someone who needs the money badly enough that they’re willing to risk their job for it.

Pay 'em.


How much cash-money?

She took it out of the envelope I leave out and deposited it in another unknown location.

Pay her then get her to come in and find the cash she lost while she’s cleaning


she’ll find it again the next time she cleans, pay her this one but not the next time

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By having a cleaner you’re tory therefore you should stick to your tory principles and not pay.



paying her in cash in unmarked bills left in an envelope…

does she pay her taxes?

Evening officer

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Tell her she can have it if she can answer these riddles three (then think of three riddles but not like saps’s)

Probably have a look into their uk residency status too.

Sounds like his flat is already something of a hostile environment tbh tbf…

This sounds reasonable. Ice dagger solution

Seems more likely than not she’s trying it on. And in any case, it’s her fault. But I would sooner just give her the money again rather than try and argue the toss about it.

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Give her half and tell her you’ll pay her the other half if and when you find it.

This sounds good. Basically the way hit men get paid in films - half now, half when the job’s done.