Cleaner Dilemma



Seems more likely than not she’s trying it on. And in any case, it’s her fault. But I would sooner just give her the money again rather than try and argue the toss about it.


Give her half and tell her you’ll pay her the other half if and when you find it.


This sounds good. Basically the way hit men get paid in films - half now, half when the job’s done.


I’d pay her and slightly resent her for this situation arising, forever


Pay her then give her a pay rise


Yeah, if you generally think she does a good job, pay again as an act of good faith and hope the cash shows up.


So glad we’re all mature enough nowadays to appreciate that employing someone’s a good thing not a bad thing.

Years ago if someone on here mentioned they had a cleaner loads of angry people whose parents paid for them to go to uni or gave them a deposit to buy a property would’ve hit the roof.


Gave her an inflation-busting 9% rise in January

  • got a cleaner
  • don’t have, want
  • don’t have, don’t want

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Don’t have, don’t want, but not out of principle, just…don’t need one.


i would quite like someone to clean my house but don’t think i could handle it. i’d get too embarassed and end up cleaning everything before they came round.


Pick up the t-shirts strewn around your bog, yeah?


Have you muted me? :disappointed_relieved:


Don’t have, would kind of like, but no real point if they were only coming every couple of weeks or whatever, the place turns into a bombsite after about 30 minutes, keeping it clean is a daily task.

Used to have one, and it was nice to come home and everything was spotless, but then it goes to shit again and what’s the point? Might as well take ten minutes on the Sunday to wipe down the bathroom, it’s not that bad.


My best PlayStation time is when the missus is cleaning


In answer to all you tankies, trots, corbynistas et al, I inherited my cleaner from the previous tenant and chose to continue her post out of my love and respect for our expatriate working class


A lot of the time people confuse tidying with cleaning. Keeping a house tidy and doing chores is a doddle. Properly cleaning a house is quite hard. If my finances allowed it it’d probably get a cleaner to come in once every 4-6 weeks and deep clean the house, whilst non being a child and being perfectly capable of clearing up after myself generally.

Stuff like cleaning carpets and soft furnishings, changing curtains, vacumning behind furniture, defrosting the freezer, cleaning the oven, descaling the shower - fucked if i’m doing all that. Not because i’m above it or anything weird, just because it’s so time-consuming and in some instances physically tough and there’s nothing wrong with getting help.


I washed our curtains over the past couple of weekends. Dry clean only so I banged them in on a 20c delicates wash. It was a gamble but it fucking well paid off!

Not that relevant but just thought you might like to know.


Used to have one but ended up spending an hour cleaning in anticipation of them turning up and realised that a one bedroom flat between two people really isn’t hard work so we stopped.


Have they shrunk slightly on re-hanging?