Cleaner Dilemma



No, not at all.


I put my uniglo jacket in the washing machine even though it explicitly told me not to.

Fucked it tho didn’t i? All the feathers are stuck at the bottom.


You should have been alright, ducks don’t die when they swim on a pond.


not even that many years ago


i fucking LOVE voting the same way as @aboynamedgoo. it immediately reinforces your position to have him onside


What is stopping people getting a cleaner tho?


Money? Lack of cleaners?

Not wanting to pick up your dirty underwear off the bathroom floor the days they come round?


incorrect piss ice dagger


hand door ice hook car dagger piss


answers are touch, move your fucking shits!


agreed re: cleaning not meaning tidy up. if you can’t tidy up what the hell is wrong with you?


How big is said property your making me think it is massive. Surely a cleaner should be good at finding stuff?


actually, I think I’d rather hire a tidier than a cleaner. Cleaning’s fine: tidying is unbearable.


ooo! all the books are on the bookshelf wrong! papers on the sofa! Cups in the corner!

not interested


"wanted: tidier.

must remember where i left my keys.
put batteries back in the drawer
don’t throw out that plastic bit because i still don’t know what it’s for


this is almost exactly right. Also: please rearrange the medicine drawer and work out a better place to store the pizza peel.



Don’t need one at the moment. Live in a 2 bed flat and it’s easy to keep clean. I’d personally feel a bit ashamed of myself if I couldn’t keep my own flat clean to be honest. This isn’t an injunction or an expectation for others to feel the same.

If circumstances changed and a) I got a massive house (haha) or b) me and my wife got more demanding jobs that required much longer hours then I’d consider it for sure.

One thing I am absolutely not doing is my own ironing. Dry cleaners round the corner can take care of all that.


Just don’t iron. There’s literally no need


i mean, there’s no “need” but you don’t half look silly in a super creased shirt


Not at the moment. I wear a shirt under a jumper every day like the bog bloody standard middle management spod that I am. But if I got a job where wearing a suit or something smarter every day was necessary I am neither a) wearing an unironed shirt or b) ironing my shirts/trousers myself. I HATE it.