Cleaner Dilemma



Pizza peel is flat down the side of our laundry basket full of craft stuff in the utility room if that is any help?


If you work in an office that requires suits / shirts, you have to iron them. The trick is to have a job where you can rock up in t-shirts and jorts like me.


woah you’re rocking jorts?


A little. Thanks.


Yup. Wife hates them.



Exactly like him except I’m buffer.


Goes without saying mate


Nah man. Shirt straight out of the washing machine as soon as it finishes and hang it up. Zero creases


Why have you posted a picture of just at wrestling crowd?


try tumble drying it with some tennis balls (this is not a joke - I’m sure this is a thing)


definitely not a thing!!




We had anti static dryer balls. Didn’t do anything apart from make a racket.

Now has @bigduv said I just put tshirts on hangers straight out the washing machine. Minimal creases.



we only started up again with a cleaner two weeks ago coz work got more and more stressy for both of us and we realised we were running ourselves ragged. feels insanely good to have that extra stress gone



Oh big time. I fully support anyone who needs or wants a cleaner in getting one.


this is for @meowington 's ruined coat

I don’t iron either - only comes out if i need to iron a “smart shirt” for an interview or something. Once in a blue moon


The novelty of pushing a vacuum around the house that isn’t a shitting Henry hasn’t got old just yet.