Cleaner Dilemma



Note on the not ironing. I have to wear a shirt to work 4 days a week


Used to have a henry, hated it,

Now got a cordless upright, which is fantastic and a timesaver as you don’t have to keep plugging it in, meaning I’m more likely to hoover.


we invested in a hoover that doesn’t fucking explode when you vacuum pet hair


Aye same, he belonged to our landlady so couldn’t wait to bin of that smiley twat when we moved. Got a Shark now innit, it’s got headlights for all your nighttime hoovering needs.


I did a thread about this ages ago. Was quite surprised by the results. I want one, wife doesn’t.


Don’t think I could go back to a corded vacuum cleaner. Absolute mug’s game…


I’m at both ends of the spectrum

Hetty for the hardcore heavy lifting, and a little dyson handheld for spontaneous clean up of cat litter bits and hairballs that float around like tumbleweed. Lives next to the sofa so I can use it to hoover biscuit crumbs off myself


Only time i’d iron a shirt’s for a job interview, funeral, wedding or christening.

Probably iron about two things a year on average.


Hmm, looks like they do a cordless Henry now…


Right with you on all of this. I wear a suit to work all week. I buy non-iron shirts (yeah right) and never iron them. I have not been fired for this. Although to be fair I’ve not been fired for much worse things so perhaps I’m immune.

I did, however discover the other week the circumstances in which I would iron a shirt. These were those circumstances: I was going to the wedding of a much-loved relative; I had travelled six hours with my shirt rolled up in a rucksack; when I got to the place I was staying overnight the shirt was very creased even by my standards; two feet away from the place I had hung the shirt up when I arrived, was an ironing board with a plugged in iron on it. So I gave the front a bit of an iron.

That’s what it takes to make me iron.


this is bollocks


can we get some serious CORDLESS VAC CHAT going in here? i’m needing one for the car


Our cordless picks up a ridiculous amount of pet hair. I normally hoover once a week, and you could probably make another cat out of it.


It really isn’t.


Enjoy your creased shirt at Reading! and I will enjoy ironing a shirt every morning, Mon-Fri


I have a dyson


My cordless upright has a separate handheld, you can detach and do the stairs with, or take to the car. It’s pretty great. I can’t remember the name of it, but I’ll check later, if you care.


Jesus and I thought I had a boring life!




So jealous