Cleaner Dilemma



Fuck you’re all psychos. :frowning:


how big we talking here? like a mini thing or what?

thought all cordless ones were tiny but then that henry one up there looks like a normal hoover


I sort of agree with you and I never iron. The shirts don’t have creases in them but they certainly don’t look as crisp as an ironed shirt.


Doesn’t take long, and have to having cats. When I had to plug it in, it was right hassle and I wouldn’t bother.

Unless your saying once a week isn’t enough?


OK, the cats get you a pass. I hear that. It’s certainly not in the ballpark of “I’m so vain I couldn’t be seen outdoors with a visible fold in my clothing”.


I think he should use Saps’ riddles.


I haven’t ironed in years. Need to in a few weeks though, which will be fun.


Don’t think either me or @safebruv is arguing that. Rather we’re arguing that it’s not worth the effort to look like Man at C&A. I’ll happily admit I cultivate the “smelly old tramp of the office” look, for good reasons. I am a misanthrope and it saves time.


Don’t you tell me what you are arguing!


between my 2 x cats and 2 x long haired daughters I would be literally buried in hair if I didn’t hoover once or twice a week


Ah you’re reminding me of the regular joy of finding one of Mrs F’s hairs in my dinner, even mysteriously when it’s me that cooked it. Not sure hovering’s ever made a difference mind.


Muting this thread due to the Henry-bashing.


It’s a mini one but it has a long pole on it with the broomy bit at the end?
It’s fine for our 2 bed flat

Nowhere to official house it tho so it just floats about loving life


Might have to go for straight up flying.


I couldn’t even leave the house with a creased t shirt
HATE creased clothes. Just don’t like them on my body.


Getting a bit worried about my typos. Think my brain’s going a bit soggy.


It took me about 12 hours to remember the phrase anecdotal evidence the other day.


I’d like to get a cleaner, to vacuum, remove the dust that accumulates, maybe iron shirts, the normal sort of thing. But the cleaner - I nearly said “she” but let’s not be sexist - would have to come while I am out. I couldn’t bear to be lounging on the sofa while someone else does my housework. I would feel like such a lazy bastard.


Did the same with my Rab jacket. It takes about a week for the down to properly dry, then it’s absolutely fine after that.