Do/would you pay someone to clean your home?

  • Yes, and I feel fine about it
  • Yes, but I feel bad about it
  • No, but I would like one
  • No, I think it’s immoral/Tory to have one
  • No, I think it’s lazy to have one
  • No, I think they’d go through all my stuff

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Had one in a houseshare to avoid stupid arguments, can’t justify it now.

No, and I’m just happy doing the cleaning myself / would rather spend my money on other stuff.

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My rent pays for someone to clean the kitchen and bathrooms every week. I’m fine with it. She doesn’t do a great job but the rents good anyway so see it as a bit of a bonus.

Think we’re looking at it wrong and should focus more on it being a positive thing finding employment for people and distributing earnings rather thsn just spending it on shite.

Course it’s lazy, and you’re a twat if you bring it up publically as if it’s some sort of status badge…but fundamentally it’s a positive thing. Just makes sense, doesn’t it. Lots of chores are boring, lots of people need money. It’s no different to going to a restaurant.


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We do mainly because we don’t have a lot of spare time and an hour or two a week spent not cleaning is good time together. Plus, it’s a job. Nothing wrong with being a cleaner. Ours is great.

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Also think there’s a big difference between general tidying and proper cleaning. It’s easy enough to combine a full-time job with general stuff like doing the laundry, pots, or running the hoover over the living room carpet, but spring cleaning’s fucking hard, mate, and properly time-consuming and boring. I’m not working six days a week and spending my day off bleaching the bathroom grout or dusting. Fuck that. Telly, papers, one pot on the stove, boozer.

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That’s a good way to look at it.

We don’t, but we often spend hours on a Saturday doing cleaning when I think we could be doing family stuff. My wife is adamant that we shouldn’t as she thinks it’s a bit flash, and also raised the whole “Well, are they insured? Are they fairly paid?” etc.

Does the missus count

#OiOi #PoliticalCareerDownTheToilet


Exactly. It’s hard to properly clean a house top to bottom in a few hours. If you can do it and make a living out of it, go for it. I suspect most cleaners earn more than cafe staff, yet most folk don’t have a problem with someone else making them a cup of tea.

Used to have one when I lived in a houseshare and it was actually a disaster. She used to come on Wednesdays, and most of my housemates just used it as a excuse to never lift a finger to do anything for themselves - for example, dishes used on Wednesday night would quite happily stay there unwashed until cleaner came in on Wednesday morning to sort them. I’m a reasonable tidy person and this kind of thing used to freak my nut out…

not happy with my cleaner at work cause she blabbed about me just sitting on the shitter in silence while she cleaned


Left the door open.



cause she was waiting outside to clean the cubicle when I came out

“I’d give it 10 minutes sweet’art”


EDIT: fuck it

It’s absolutely fine. But only if you have children or are immobile in some way, obviously

Sounds like someone’s not learned the whistle.

It’s a bit like the ‘not looking at your cock, mate’ changing room whistle but quieter.