Clear your mind and list the top three dissers that come in to your head



Absolutely no chat. Just write the names.

I may do something with the data when I have enough.

Do it.




Can’t think beyond chadders for some reason.






actually, i didn’t follow the instructions and clear my mind so this thread has influence me

stay puff marshmallow man


@Antpocalypsenow @plasticniki @colon_closed_bracket




Flattered though I am, by @-ing me you have, like a particle physics experiment, changed the state.


The fuck are you talking about? You’re off the list, @ma0sm you’re in!


Touchy :frowning2:

I just mean that I was no longer able to clear my mind of things because I was immediately thinking of you…and only you :heart_exclamation:




@plasticniki time to ban @zxcvbnm

@Sean it hasn’t worked. Stop these sick title editors (TBF he might have just got it under the wire.)


I’m sure it’s annoying for niki and co, but i have to admit that one did make me laugh


It has a shock humour value but you know


I too have no issues with face recognition.


When I created the position of “mediocre office bro” I forgot to mention that there is also a possibility of downgrade to “inadequate office bro”


Can you tell the difference between those guys? Is it by smell?


guys… this was a CLASSIC. Shut up.


Jowl recognition mainly.