Clever Wednesday thread title

It’s almost 9am and no thread, so here you go kids, run wild…

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Lovely frosty winter morning dog walk today.


Already cried this morning in the toilets at work. Still not 9am.


So tired :frowning:

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Josh Brolin sunburned his arsehole trying some new age hippie shit


Christmas food launch today. all the turkeys, stuffings and garnishes, side dishes and desserts launch today. Busy busy busy. I’ve been in since 6, so an early finish.

Got the kid to nursery and she threw up all over me as I got her out of the car. Rubbish start to the day. Got loads on at work so really needed to be in and not watching In The Night Garden. Kid seems fine now sooooo :man_shrugging:t2:

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Got my end of year this morning. Really can’t be arsed. I do my job, I go home end.


His ballbag is terrified

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Totally overslept as it is way too easy to say ‘alexa turn off’ when the alarm comes on.


Got a flat during a 6 1/2 hour car journey yesterday - luckily it happened at the bottom of my hill and I was able to limp home

Which also means I have an excuse to WFH today

Should probably turn my computer on

Rare instance today of the reason I gave for being late (traffic) actually being true and not a cover for something else (really long poo).


think someone has found @anon29812515’ house


Morning. Hung over and got the shits. Mumbai is not the place for this at all.
Booked a bus to Udaipur for tomorrow, fuck knows if it’s real booked it with a bloke in a shack and he only took cash. Probably been ripped off but India’s so fucking red tape it’s well hard to book anything online as a tourist

Morning all,

traffic was rubbish AGAIN. What is it with the traffic? Is it because right now nobody is taking any holiday because they would have used it in the summer or are saving it for Christmas?

Just been out to top up my wiper fluid on work time. That’ll serve them right for the rubbish pay rise I got!

Oh and the current weather for Mumbai is 34c and smoke.
Yes smoke is a weather type. Go outside and start coughing and get black bogies

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Have to vote on some union nonsense* today. Boss isn’t here so I plan on reading ‘The Amber Spyglass’ at my desk between calls.

*Nonsense because it’s too early for this shit.


You know that feeling you get when Carly Rae Jespen announces a tour but it’s when you’ve already booked a holiday for those dates but her tour happens to also arrive in Brussels the same day as you do and you get tickets as soon as they go on sale?


if you were going to get a kettle, why would it have to be a small kettle?

This is crazy