Clickbait: The Book by Everett True



Anyone seen this?

It’s a lot of fun writing those colourful negative descriptions of things and willfully going off on tangents, but imagine an entire book of them.

Probably aiming at the coffee table crowd / bog magazine basket for middle aged couples who consider themselves edgy.


Wasn’t he some loser who got mad at someone on dis once? I forget the details.

Anyway I read a bit of that and it sounds like Everett could use some help, I hope he gets to a happier place soon.



didn’t… wasn’t it your thread with the one where you humorously called a lot of bands shit, like for a huge amount of time?

massive apols if it was not you obv. but it was you as Clunes wasn’t it? memory fuzzy.


it’s a lot of fun to have conversations or post on here about bands or other things being massively shit and awful.

But I get absolutely no joy out of writing articles about things being shit and can’t even imagine trying to write an entire book about things being shit. just feels like a massive waste of time.


Yeah, but I’m a massive hypocrite living a life of regrets, and when other people do stuff similar to what I’ve done, it gives me a new perspective that makes me embarrassed about it all.


You do make a good point though. The whole Clunes thing was because the fact that Sean had created a board just to suck up spam that nobody ever looked at seemed hilariously ridiculous to me. If I’d just done it as one reply, then it’d have been vindictive, so I felt obliged to reply to every one.

Then I got a bit carried away with it all, because it genuinely is cathartic to be a bit of a knob like that, but I also quickly realised it’s hugely repetitive, and your insults end up being more about yourself than the person you’re insulting.


This is a fair answer. It’s also a good one. I always think of Brooker. His half-page (well one-page-A5) takedowns were sublime. And then they tried to turn his bile into something extended and it was just utter dross.


Tbf he was getting mad at stealthy for calling people faggots iirc. Was pretty unbearably smug about it though aye.


Featuring the following:
Arcade Fire is shit
Chris Martin is shit
Bono is shit
Ed Sheeran is shit
Dave Grohl is shit

Oh no Everett, please turn your fire away from these sacred cows, aim at anyone but Bono I beg you, etc.


Always thought his stance on female musicians was a bit weird. Absolutely agree with trying to push for a better balance for coverage, which is something I did when I had my label and did more reviews, but constantly mentioning it as if you should be congratulated for it is a bit off to me


This reminds me of the fact that I saw Everett True live supporting Scout Niblett of all people.