Anyone had a less attractive clickbait suggestion than this? I really wasn’t going to, Handelsblatt Global.

Makes a change from Carol Kirkwood’s outfit, I guess.


Let’s not infantilize Germany’s trade surplus but here’s a cartoon of a bird that is literally flipping the bird.

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Really really irks me clickbait, I feel insulted by it.

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Never get why so many clickbait ads have a picture of injured Richard Branson.

I wonder about this sort of thing. Have I (or in this case you) clicked on something that made the internet think I’m really interested in the welfare of Richard Branson? Or Germany’s trade surplus? Or is it just random?

For reference, I don’t get Branson clickbait as far as I can remember.

How would one even go about doing it if they wanted to? Asking for a friend.

Isn’t this the cover story of the latest issue of The Economist?

I haven’t bothered clicking it. I do love how clickbait and the internet in general seems to have uncovered all these weird and hitherto unrecognised aspects of human nature such as people liking seeing Richard Branson get hurt

I don’t think I’ve seen injured Richard Branson. Can someone find it?

turning now to europe, and the engine room of europe is germany. germany is opening europe up to wider markets such as china. and the question is, if germany and china were to come together and say, open up a german-chinese restaurant, would they market it successfully?

in other words, ‘have you heard about the German-Chinese restaurant?’ If you have, you’ll know that 20 minutes after people eat there, they’re still hungry for power.

and there, the highly successful logo of the nazi party.

on now to a picture of my grandmother doing a striptease - and there you can see her getting her teeth out for the lads.

I think it’s a response to it.

I think I would believe what that 90s TV celebrity looks like now, thank you.

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Can’t find any sign of the injured Branson clickbait. It was all over the internet a few months back. Here are some of the pictures that they used though-

Has anyone else noticed all the creepy Dragon’s Den clickbait ads. They mostly feature Peter Jones with his face photoshopped so that he looks beaten up. I’m wondering if an internet clickbait company got rejected on Dragons Den or something

“What Nobody Will Tell You About Oscillating Multi-Tools”

no way i’m not clicking that tbf

The My Vitriol thread. I fall for it every time.

“Man Turns Old Airplane Into His Home; Look When He Opens The Door And Reveals The Inside”