Clicking your fingers

Contrary to popular belief, I can only do this with my left hand. Am I alone in this, or is it more common than my fears lead me to believe?

With which hand(s) can you click your fingers?

  • Neither hand
  • Left hand only
  • Right hand only
  • Both hands

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obviously I only have the option of clicking the fingers on my right hand nowadays, but I’m pretty sure I remember being unable to click them on my left hand satisfactorily when I had my left hand!


wait, I assumed this meant clicking your fingers in a “just like that -snap-” way, like this;

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Yeah, that’s what I meant

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my ex used to click her fingers backwards. like her middle finger would end up above her thumb somehow, but it still did the clicking noise. looked dead awkward. prob still does tbf, ive not seen her for a few years

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Anyone else now trying (failing) to do this?

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i dont think so

I can only click with my third fingers not my middle fingers

Can’t do it at all, neither can my mum or brother so I’m blaming faulty genetics.

In my company, at our weekly business-wide meeting, when we celebrate someone doing something good, everyone gives “snaps” by clicking their fingers instead of applauding. This started as a joke, parodying some tech company someone else had worked at, but seemed to become normal practice. Recently applause has crept back in though so I think snaps are dying a slow death.


Isn’t that from Legally Blonde 2?

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I have not seen that film.

it was only fairly recently that i realised the click from clicking your fingers is the sound of your finger hitting into your palm and not the sound of your finger rubbing against your thumb