Climate Crisis

New report says we’ve got 12 years to keep temperature rises to 1.5C:

Obviously this isn’t the cheeriest subject, but let’s try not to descend into complete hopelessness.

Yeah, we’re doomed.


Think this needs to go in the best album artwork 2018 thread


Nobody’s going to do anything about it so shrugs

we’re not going to do it, no one gives a shit

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Everyone agreed that the thread was a complete success


Regular brain: don’t worry, surely They will never let things get too bad

Solar system brain: total hopelessness is the only appropriate reaction

Galaxy brain: hope this all happens in the next ten years or I’ll be too old to become Wasteland King


Yeah, I wasn’t saying the thing about hopelessness in the OP for a laugh, if you just want to say “there’s no point in anything” then you’re actively discouraging anyone from trying.

It’s one of those “if you don’t have anything constructive to say…” things.

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feeling like you’re living just on the outer edge of the end times is a strange thing.

Such a great way to justify inaction to myself, lack of self-reflection, feeding a dependency on my anxiety.

I wonder if I crave and enjoy this in a perverse way.

Is anything going to happen though until we have transnational govt?

Cult leader, demi-god.


Alright, Jeremy Corbyn


Not with the current governments that we have in charge in the most influential countries, no.

Which is even more reason to try and disrupt the status quo, and to join, to campaign for and to vote for people advocating an alternative, if you can, imho.

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Yeah but if you’re going to post this first thing on a Monday morning

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try to speed it up by burning old papers, books etc., to wipe out all but a few innocent vestiges of humanity, who can emerge blinking into a beautiful pristine world once gaia has shrugged us off and reasserted balance in nature? (not sure this will work)

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don’t worry guys, starbucks aren’t using plastic straws any more, it’s all under control


The year is 2030, the planet is on the brink of collapse, with mere days to get the terrifyingly high levels of CO2 down. From out of the mist and darkness rides a familiar figure, with a familiar friend. It’s Elon with his paedo sub, with a Henry hoover strapped to the top


think about stuff like this all the time. it’s a huge uphill battle to get people to use their washing machine at a slightly lower temperature or to get them to turn off lights or whatever.

actually changing anything just isn’t going to happen.

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Appropriately this just appeared in my twitter feed

Not a single suggestion that the good people of Musselburgh just drive less. Living walls everywhere!

Got myself a talking walking living wall

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